JKF’s Vision took U.S to the Moon


JKF’sVision took U.S to the Moon

JKF’sVision took U.S to the Moon

Theleadership of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was not only significant in thepolitical side, but in the development of the American space success.From the reading, it is rational to assert that JKF’s vision ledthe United States to the moon. The main reason for the conclusion ofthis assertion is because the decision of JKF to support the spaceprogram led to the developments that rocketed America to the moon.While he is debated to be among the greatest presidents America hasever had, in the space program, he is undoubted the leader who tookunited states to the moon.

JKFtook the United States to the moon because he got the courage to facethe congress and urge the house to support the American spaceprogram. However, the courage emanated from the leadership, ideologyhe took from his father Joe Kennedy. Particularly, his father passedthe anticommunist ideologies, which was evident in 1958 when theSputnik was launched by the Soviet Union (Johnson and Kennedy, 1).After the launch of the Sputnik, JKF was not shaken, nor worried bythe anticommunist sentiments like his father. Instead, he tookdecisive measures to support the American space program and urge thecongress to do the same.

Unlikehis successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, JKF was more dreamy and hopefulof the future, especially the American future of the space program.This gave him the guts to have the vision that took America farbeyond what any other country had done taking the united states tothe moon. It is the vision of JKF that powered the challenge byPresident Johnson that the United States needed to overcome thechallenge presented by the soviet’s Sputnik (Johnson and Kennedy,1). This means that JKF gave the vision that rallied the Americangovernment and the congress to lead America to the moon.


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