MonaLisa by Leonardo da Vinci

MonaLisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous and mostpublished paintings throughout history. Leonardo da Vinci was one ofthe revolutionary Italian painters in the high renaissance period. Inaddition to Mona Lisa, Leonardo also painted other masterpieces suchas the lastsupper,which has also emerged to by a great piece of art. Like otherpainting by Leonardo, Mona Lisa focuses on human beings, realisms andnature. In Mona Lisa, the main theme of the painting is the personsin the painting. The portrait in the painting is a three quarterpicture of a relaxed posture. Although it is common for portraits tobe adored with some form of decorations such as jewelry, Mona Lisa issimple and free of decorations that characterized Italian renaissancepaintings. The female portrait has a single veil and smooth hair.Additionally, the positions of the hands, which are free fromornaments such as bracelets and rings also emphases the relaxed modein the painting. There is no doubt that the painting was largelyinfluenced by the Italian culture in the renaissance period. Thepainting is a representation of a woman during the times of Leonardoin the Italian society. For example, the woman in the painting doesnot have facial hair, including eyebrows. Plucking of eyebrows andfacial hair was a common practice among women. In my own view, thewoman in the painting was probably seated on a form of a balcony.This gave the painting a perfect natural background. Leonardo usedlight and dark tones to emphasis the figure. For example, the skin ofthe woman has a lighter tone while the background has a darker tone.There is no doubt that Mona Lisa was a masterpiece(, 2015).

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