Just in time at Arnold Palmer

Justin time at Arnold Palmer

Manufacturingorganizations have used the Just in Time inventory system for a longtime to achieve a preferred production environment. In thisinventory, the raw material, and other components arrive in themanufacturing location just in time so that they can be used forassembly or fabrication. The just in time inventory system hasvarious benefits to an organization, and they include the reductionin waste, work-in-process inventory, and also delivery times arecatered for. The inventory is founded on the conditions of thecustomer’s order (Tersin, 1994). The company works to the customersspecifications and deliver it to the client just in time.

Atthe Arnold Palmer hospital, there is a list of patients and the typeof medication they require. For instance, the pharmacy departmententirely depends on this system to deliver drugs to its patients.Computers at every station called ‘the pixels’ have the detailsof all patients’ medication. All the drugs prescribed by thedoctors are put in place to time, and it’s added to the bill of thecustomer.

Anothercrucial application of the Just in Time inventory system is in thesurgical department of the hospital. Considering that each patient isthe customer’s order, then quality services must be offered to thepatients so that they can feel contented with the treatment. Sincethere are various materials needed for the surgery to take place, andthen it is important that arrangements should be made just in time.For the surgeries performed in the hospitals all the requiredmaterial should be in place just in time so that the surgery can befruitful and timely (Ramasesh,1990).Typically, it is important for an organization to adopt the just intime inventory system so that they can plan for the main event andavoid last minute confusions. This method will help them to realizemuch profit and efficiency of the company’s processes (Johnson,et al. 1998).


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