Leadership Style Assessment

LeadershipStyle Assessment

Everyleader needs to have successful leadership styles in order for themto be successful in their day-to –day activities. They always haveto seek better ways of dealing with those they are working with andthose working under them, so as to avoid any conflict in work placesand to, have efficient control of work.

Anexperienced person is considered to be having a successful leadershipstyle, since they usually have the ability to empathize with otherpeople, listen to other people’s problem and putting themselves intheir shoes. They are always willing to help people to think throughtheir own problems, therefore they are also considered to be naturaltherapists. The can always be counted upon to supply people with theright historical connections. Although they are never mediators,similarly they also usually find themselves in the middle, just likemediators, with the people on both sides of conflict seeking adv ice.

Thesepeople need to be honest they are not supposed to cover up one partyin case a conflict arises. They are supposed to speak in ‘black andwhite’ rather than taking sides. They also need to have goodcommunication skills, since without clear communication thoseworking with them and those people working under them and those theyare working for will not understand their missions, goals, andvisions. Since each and every wish to work towards something theybelieve in, so it is usually important to work towards the same goal.

Confidenceis always a vital virtue in each activity, when things go wrongfamilies usually look for an experienced guide and confide in him/herin order to get efficient answers and to judge the situation upon thereaction of an experienced guide. Experienced guides who might alsobe family lawyers usually know all the family secrets and often theyare usually sought for advice.

Theexperienced guides usually bring themselves low to the same level asthose people in conflict, since they have the ability to resolveconflicts that may rise between two parties in an organization or ina family setup. Today, the experienced guides are compared toministers, counselor, or even trusted advisors, since they offerrelevant advice and information to people involved.

Accordingto Renato Tagiuri, “experienced guides usually get their greatestsatisfaction through helping others get through the day and helpingothers see the biggest picture.” Experienced guides usually applyparticipative leadership theory in their dealings. Since theirinvolvement in decision‐making,usually improves the understanding of the issues involved by thosewho must carry out the decisions i.e. two conflicting parties. Thiskind of leadership can sometimes be pretense when a manager asks foropinions, and then ignores all the opinions. Thus may lead to oneparty feeling betrayed. Generally, martin Luther king junior can becompared to an experienced guide, since he participated in thedecision making in the United States government.

MartinLuther king Jr is compared to an experienced guide, since he was aBaptist minister, an activist, humanitarian, and a leader in theAfrican-American civil right movement. He placed himself in the shoesof the U.S. citizens since racial segregation was at its peak duringhis reign. He used his leadership position to play a legal role inbringing to an end the racial segregation of African-Americancitizens in the south and other areas of the United States, as wellas creating the civil rights Act of 1964.

MartinLuther king Jr, being a successful leader, placed the United Statescitizens at heart. He always listened to their problems and placedhimself in their shoes as he knew and understood what they wereundergoing. He did all he could with his power to stop the racialdiscrimination the black people were facing in the United States.


Usually,many people perceive experienced guides to be old. Bu in reality theyare not. Experienced guide are important people in today’s societysince they have the ability to listen to other people’s problemsand offer a better solution. They can also put themselves into otherpeople’s shoes and get to know and understand what other people arefeeling. They usually offer solutions and advices to two conflictingparties. Similarly, they are also known to be good secret keepers, asthey can easily be trusted and confided in by other people.