Balmin Gilead – play by Lanford Wilson “The library play&quot

TheTragedy and Comedy Elements in the Play

Production was created in such a way to create a sense ofunderstanding of the people who have been a victim of socialrepression, including homophobia, drug counseling, and even themental health. This play can be argued to be a tragedy of thecharacters involved collectively. For instance, there is a scenewhere Wilson depicts the Frank’s inhabitants as very pessimistic,although the method he used for the breaking of the fourth wall gavethem some capability to present their pleas. There is a scene wherewe are told about a character, Joe, who was about to reform and thiswas shown by his willingness to give up dealing and wanted to returnChuckle’s money, but one member of the drug dealer kills him. Thelives of the people in the slum are seen getting involved in illegalactivities and making people’s life difficult. When one of them wasabout to reform, perhaps, who would have become an example to therest is killed in a tragic scene while in the same illegal businesshe has been doing. The play further ends with the principlecharacters droning their lines from the initial scene repeatedly in acircle and this may be to imply that their lives are just stuck inwhat may be defined as a demoralizing rut.

WhatWe Learn About the Society in Which the Play Takes Place

Balmin Gilead took place in 1966 in the Frank’s café. We are told thatthis an all-night coffee shop that is found in the Manhattan’sUpper West. The makeshift community of the people living in this areais hustlers, runaways, dealers, junkies and prostitutes. This is notthe best place for one to live taking into consideration the natureof security threats presented and its inhabitants. Within thiscontext, the book focuses on one character named Joe, who is also adrug dealer hailing from Manhattan slum where life is very difficultfor everyone. The inhabitants who are used in illegal business areheartless, and we are shown this when Joe is killed by one of thedealers.

ThePertinent of the Play for Today’s Audience and I

Theplay is pertinent for today’s audience and me as it clearly definesthe life of the people living in slums and experiences they gothrough daily. The setting of the play is in Manhattan’s city andfull of all social misfit individuals who are involved in a varietyof illegal acts. The audience is presented with an opportunity tochoose to either live the reckless life of dealers or drugtrafficking or to reform and live a better life. Just like Joe wasabout to reform when he believed, he was falling in love with the newcity entrant girl, Darlene but the nature of his life and friendscould not allow him unless he changed but he is killed in theprocess. We are told at the end of the book that the main charactersthat had been living a reckless life are left in sorrows and regretsas their life is stuck in demoralizing rut a lesson for the audienceto learn from.

WhetherThe Acting Was It Moving, Funny, Believable

Theacting of the play was quite moving, as the scenes of people livingin the slums are shown and the hardships they had to go through. Weare introduced to a group of people living a prostitution life andothers who have wasted their life on drugs dealing. The cold-bloodedmurder that takes place in the scenes are inhuman and threateningfor instance, when one of the dealers kills Joe. The play is full ofactivities that are despicable and antisocial that should not beencouraged such as fighting, prostitution, and drug trafficking andblood cold murder. Despite all of these despicable acts, there is abalm in Gilead that can make the wounded individuals complete againand to heal the sin-sick soul.

SomethingOther Than the Acting That Stood To Me about the Production

Inthis show, there was a greater degree of professionalism that isevidenced in the show and which I believe would elevate the standardsof the serious drama audience expect to see in the Manhattan’scity. The play further focuses on the attention that needs to be paidespecially to the bountiful fruits that may come from what may bereferred to as the genuine sense of collaboration among thetheatrical artists in the community. The large cast first strikesone, which is very unusual for a modern drama that made the playunique

MyExperience Using the Library

Myexperience using this library was very comfortable because of itslocation, which was next to Fordham. Additionally, the Cool A/Clibrarians were very helpful and they really made my search easier. Ihad to wait for about 20 minutes before I got the reference numberfor the play. The Liberian asked me to proceed to the theater roomand wait for the next empty seat. As soon as I got to the Theatercomputer lab, I was asked to produce my Library ID but unfortunatelyI had not carried it along with me and I had to explain to them myreasons for not having the card with me. The librarian made sure thatafter I got the film, I proceed to sign up for the film. Most of thepeople in the theater lab appeared very artsy. Some of the old peoplewere busy watching old black and white film and my fellow studentswere watching a film.

Itwas very cool inside the A/C library, and the lighting was justperfect since it was neither too dark nor too bright. In addition,each table had its comfortable chair with big headphone to be used bya student. Further, each person had his or her old monitor /TV, andafter everyone was seated in his or her assigned seat as per thelibrarian’s guidance, I was asked to wait for the film to loaddownstairs. I did wait for a good five minutes, but other than that,it was a very good experience, and I would go back if I have time tolook for more films. The library is opened from 12pm-6pm, which isperfect for the commuter like me because I can go there, look for thefilm, and come back for my 6 pm night class.