Letter to State Health Officer about Obesity MSU


Letterto State Health Officer about Obesity


TheCommunity Health Coordinator,

Michigan&nbspDepartmentof&nbspHealth&nbspandHuman Services,



Iam a student at the Michigan State University who is passionate aboutthe health of the people based on what they eat. I am writing topropose the need for additional funding on the problem of obesity. Iselected this topic because the level of obese people in the countryis alarming. According to the research by the Center for DiseaseControl, around 30% of people, both children and adults in the UnitedStates are obese (CDC, 2015). Therefore, people need to be educatedabout the causes of obesity and the dangers that the condition posesto their health. They also need to be educated more about theconsequences of obesity as a condition, and the financial implicationof the condition in treatment of the resulting health conditions.

Iam passionate about the relationship between health and food becausemy future career is to be a dietitian. I am so passionate abouthealthy food that I regularly offer advice in restaurants, where Iwish one to work one day as a dietitian. I am also passionate aboutfood and I love advising people about healthy food, especially ontopics that relate to community health and food. I am writing toinform you that I am proposing that the government increase fundingtowards community health education that is directed towards curbingobesity. More health education needs to be directed towards the typeof foods people eat and the effect that such food has on the healthstatus of the people, especially on their weight.

Obesityis majorly as a result of poor eating habits where people eatunhealthy foods, especially what is commonly called junk food. Aftercarefully studying the topic, I realized that a greater percentage ofobesity cases are as a result of unhealthy and fatty diets (Stern&ampKazaks, 2009).People become obese because of eating the junk food such as fastfoods and fatty meals that are easily accessible and available in theneighborhoods and towns. While these are known as the major causes ofobesity, it is challenging to legislate or prohibit the sale ofunhealthy foods because they are not fatal. Therefore, communityeducation is the best solution to the problem of obesity because itempowers people to make healthy choices.

Theneed for education is important to educate the society on the need toeat healthy and maintain balanced diets. Community education is veryimportant in creating awareness about obesity and the negative effectof taking junky and fatty foods. Based on the valuable education Ihave received so far from the university, I have realized that peopleneed to be educated regularly about the importance of eating healthydiets (Crandellet al,2011). The challenge with the current education about obesity is thatit is not adequate to effectively create awareness about obesity.

Ihereby request your office to increase the funding for communityeducation that is directed specifically to obesity. I also requestyour office to increase the number of health education personnel thatis allocated to community health education. I also request that moretime be allocated on the education of people about their diets duringthe community education programs. This will increase theeffectiveness of the health education by increasing the number ofexperts that educate people about healthy diets. I will appreciateyour consideration to this matter.





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