TheHead Teacher



Iwould like t provide recommendations for changes that should be madein the school in order to accommodate children with readingdisabilities. For a long time, children suffering from dyslexia havebeen struggling to read and understand the materials given to them inthe regular school system. They have not yet been helped sufficientlyin their schoolwork. Therefore, it is important to make some changesthat will enable them benefit equally with other students from thelessons offered by teachers.

First,I recommend that teachers should be provided with resources that canbe used to make clear illustrations to dyslexic children. Teachersmay use pictures charts to explain concepts so that the children canunderstand. The school may also introduce reading materials withlarge-prints so that the children can see the words they are readingclearly. Reading materials for children with dyslexia should alsohave coloured stripes on the key words so that they can easily followthe concepts learned in class (Pavey, 2007). The school may alsoprovide a tape recorder so that children can record lessons andlesson to them when they are alone. Teachers should also receivetraining from people who work with children with learningdisabilities. The training should include lessons on how teachers cansimplify and clarify written directions for children, work closelywith them, and provide notes that match the learning needs ofdyslexic children.

Ifthese changes are implemented, I believe that children with dyslexiawill be able to cope with school environment and develop theirknowledge like other children. I hope the recommended changes will beconsidered.



Pavey,B. (2007). Thedyslexia-friendly primary school: A practical guide for teachers.London: PCP.