Lieutenant Dunbar is an American dream character. He features in the


movie “Dances with Wolves” as the white man that decides to livewith Indians and gain firsthand experience on their civilization.Dunbar escapes from a field hospital when he is about to have anamputation on one of his foot. He charges towards Confederate linesand it is upon a miraculous survival, that he becomes a hero. Theheroism makes it possible for Dunbar to select a posting of hischoice. This portrays him as an American dream character, because hechooses to be posted in the frontier. He has an agenda, just likemany American dream characters, as he knows what he wants, which isto see the frontier prior to its destruction. After the posting,Dunbar meets native Indians and develops more interest in learningtheir traditions.

Chris McCandless is not an Americandream character. This is because the character does not demonstrateinterest in leading a prosperous life. The young man pursues hisdream in form of an Alaskan adventure, where he chooses not to lead amodern life. Despite the parents being prosperous, the character gaveaway his inheritance to charity. He embarks on an adventure and doesnot disclose to anyone about his location. Further, McCandlessdiscards the need for matches, warm clothing and maps during hisadventure. He does not feed and almost perishes because of thirstwhen in the desert. He even sets fire to the only money he has. Moneyis especially an important symbol of an American dream because itsignifies wealth. The character burning the money is a depiction ofhis lack of interest in wealth, making him a non-American dreamcharacter.