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Theobjectives set by every firm in any industry incline towards earningprofits ad making the business develop a sustainability pattern thatensures its survival. The products produce by a venture have to reachthe market and cover the entire target population. Businesses employvarious methods that ensure customer satisfaction and consequentlyincrease the profits. Most firms design a marketing plan thatidentifies the various ways in which the intended consumers getcontact with the goods and devise the best methods of convincing thetarget group to consume the products or utilize the services. Themarketing plan also identifies the best distribution channels thatensure a complete coverage of the scope of the market segment. Abusiness may not identify the various shortcomings it has or theexpected challenges until it does a comprehensive analysis of themarket.

Rokeris a tourist resort that is in dire need of a marketing plan. Theresort is one of the oldest in Sunderland, and it enjoys an affluentsurrounding that attracts big depending tourists. It lies on thenorthern east f England and between river Wear and Monkwearmouth. Tothe north of the resort lays Seaburn. It is under the control of theCity of Sunderland. The name Roker has its origin from Roca, whichis an old Latin word for rock. Roker, therefore, literary means theplace of rocks. The resort dates back to 1880 on the land donated bySir Hedworth Williamson who wanted to the road extend near the seafront. The houses built on the resort are mostly semi-detached, andmost of them belong to the elderly members residing in the area(North Archeological Associates, 2014).

Thecost of the resort harbors the Seaburn seafront, and it is also thehost for Sunderland international air show, which is the biggestairshow in Europe. The population of the area is about 4600residents, but other people throng in hordes to enjoy the gamestaking place there. Initially, Roker was predominantly inhabited bythe locals with very few international residents. With time, theplace has experienced a gradual demographic change whereby studentsfrom the internal community who attend the University of Sunderlandform a significant portion of the population (North ArcheologicalAssociates, 2014).

Themain event that attracts people to the resort in the internationalairs show. It is one of the largest shows in the United Kingdom andprobably the largest in the northeastern part (Henderson, 2013). During the show, the crowd treats itself to the sight of modernmilitary plane flights as well as a show of classic jets and otherwarplanes. The event always starts on Friday with a launch partythat include a little display of the flights alongside other groundevents like live music and public fireworks. The event attracts atleast one million people who turn up t see the aircrafts displayingvarious tricks in the air as well as getting entertainment from thegroups on the ground (Wear, 2015).

Thenature of this event puts the resort in a prime position of offeringservices to the thousands of participants. To make the eventsuccessful, there is a need to use various effective channels ofpromotion to draw large crowds of people. In deciding on the methodsthat is most relevant to the resort, it is imperative to have aglimpse of the SWOT analysis of Roker and Sunburn.

First,Roker has an innate history of being a place for recreation. It isone of the ancient resorts that continue to be relevant in theindustry. The history behind its construction and the intention ofthe pioneers to provide a road that goes up to the sea front attractpeople. It, therefore, enjoys the loyalty of many citizens who comethere to watch eh games and have a glimpse of the sea. During themonth of July, close to one million people visit the area, and thismakes it one of the resorts with the highest number of visitors.

Secondly,it has a large area to hold international shows. The setting of thearea puts it at a competitive edge against other resorts on the costsline. Hosting a million people require a substantial ground completewith the relevant facilities. The continued holding of the internalair show is proof that the visitors get satisfaction from the currentfacilities. The ingenious design of the Roker pier stands to attractboth local and international visitors. Most of its initial featuresare still in their positions. They include like railings, fixtures,fittings, lamp standards, surfaces and dedication stones. Theinterior features are still in the position as the initial tiling,parquet flooring, the wooden paneling among others. Those who visitthe public place not only come to get a glimpse of the tides or thegames but also to enjoy the view of the lighthouse and its patentedinnovations.

Thirdly,Roker enjoys the protection of the government of Sunderland. Since itis a public place, the government does everything under its power toprotect the ground by maintaining the original look f the Roker andfacilitating any rehabilitative efforts. Currently, the government isrunning a lottery program to raise money to rehabilitate some of thefeatures that are wearing with time. It is advantageous t the resortsince the government as a lot of influence in resource allocation aswell as gaining public trust. The operations in the Roker, therefore,get the approval of the authority without being subjected to avigorous red tape process. It is a strength to the resort since notall beach facilities enjoy the involvement of the publicadministration.

Themeans of promotion adopted for the events taking place in the Rokershould capitalize on these strengths. They should have a widecoverage o ensure that all the targeted people get information andturn out for the event. The method of promotion also needs to have acomprehensive approach of using more than on channel to take care ofthe diverse group of people.

Thereare several opportunities that are at the disposal of the Roker.First, the growing population in Sunderland is a major opportunityfor the administration of the Roker to bring in more people who visitthe area. The University of Sunderland attracts both local andinternational students. The population that was a predominantcomposition of the locals now has an international face. The swellingpopulation can have a soft spot for the events through the use ofproper promotional methods that are in line with the behavior of thechanging population. The new residents can be used as networks to wooothers who do not reside in the area and those who have never been toSunderland. For example, a significant number of the population isChinese. Since the events normally come once in a year, theinternational residents can attract others from their home country toattend and see what happens in the Roker (Edmonds, 2013).

Secondly,the government and well wishers have a lottery plan to raise money tolift the face of the resort. After being used for more than onehundred years, some of the features of the resort are experiencing agradual dilapidation ad there is a need to undertake the renovation.It is in itself an opportunity since people will not term it asbecoming obsolete in the country. There are many other places wheresimilar events could take place and to maintain public trust andloyalty there is a need to maintain the face of Roker. Theadministration can use this opportunity to improve the facilitiesthat people use during the events a well as on other visits. One ofthe features of a resort that attract customers and bring them backto enjoy the services is the satisfaction they draw from the placesthey visit (Edmonds, 2013).

Also,the people who attend the events do so for two main reasons. First,the intensity and the fame that the games come with attracting a verylarge crowd. They look forward to seeing the different tricks thataircrafts can play in the air as well as acquainting themselves withthe latest technology in aircrafts. Secondly, they attend to get intouch with the rich history of the Roker with a distinct interest inthe lighthouse. The famed ingenious of the minds behind the pier madehistory in the country. The growing trend of local and internationaltourism with an interest in ancient places is a major opportunity(British Sea Fishing, 2015).

Thepromotional method used to amplify the event in the eyes of theprospective attendants should have this feature as one of the keythings to include. The construction of the whole place took about 18years and not a single man died of injuries. Building the blocks inwater required extreme engineering knowledge and people have theinterest in knowing how exactly the big blocks came to stand inwater. In 1995, the government identified Roker beach as one theplaces with a unique architectural design. It puts the resort as oneof the destinations for many local and international citizensplanning for a holiday. It is also an opportunity to inflate thenumber of people who have an interest in the international airshow.Itgives them a chance to lay eyes and experience one of the oldest andunique architectural designs (City Council of Sunderland, 2012). Thepromotional channel should capitalize on this feature among other todiversify the need for people to visit the resort.

Anotherimportant opportunity for the Roker is the recent master plan todevelop the marine walk to diversify the services that people getfrom the resort. The government discovered that the Roker is now notonly a reserve for the idle class and the rich. It incorporatespeople from different classes. In addition to this, the intereststhat draw people to the Roker may be diverse. Those who may turn upbefore the events should have something to recount later after theirvisit. The plan underwent public consultation in 2009, and theSunderland city council adopted it for implementation. The proposalsin the plan include increasing the educational and retail facilities.During the events, people can enjoy these services. For this reason,the channels used in promotion should capture this element to reflectthe different services that attendants can enjoy as they watch thegames (City Council of Sunderland, 2009).

Oneof the weaknesses facing Roker is the various incidents of vandalism.In the recent past, contractors equipment has been stolen by unknownpeople though the police are in an intense investigation. The policedepartment considered closing the Roker, but the implications of theclosure to the public would be far reaching. The public considers itas one of the most attractive and closing it might deny them a chanceto experience its rich history and architecture. The insecurity alsodoubles as a threat that would make some people shy away fromvisiting the area whenever there are no large crowds for fear oftheir personal security. However, this should not feature in thepromotion of the event. The information should feature on thestrengths and opportunities. On the other hand, the administration ofthe Roker should employ a comprehensive mechanism to ensure thesecurity of the visitors and that of the construction workers (Petch,2015).

Thereare several feasible means of promoting the events held in the resortespecially the Sunderland international air shows. The methods shouldbe consistent with the strengths of the resort as well as with thedemographic characteristics of the population. The methods usedshould observe diversity cater for the needs of different marketsegment bearing in mind that the area has both senior citizens andthe youth. They must also put into consideration the accessibility ofthe information to the target audience both at home and in theinternational community. The targeted attendance of over one millionpeople will require intense promotion.

Thetelevision media is a very primary channel for delivering theinformation to the target population. Through it, the features thatmake the Roker stand out against the other resort will be visible.The information would include a visual coverage of the place with thelighthouse and the pier extending into the sea as well as the park.It would also include visual images of the past events that attractedlarge crowds of people. These images will have significant effects oninfluencing people to attend the events and have a similar experiencelike the one watched on the television (Watchman &amp Rose, 2013 P268).

Themethod is one of the most viable considering that that the countryhas almost a 100% television adoption. Almost everyone watching theTV will get the information and probably plan to attend. The goal ofusing this means because it reaches both young and old. As long as itappears in the various channels, the different groups of viewers willreceive it when watching their favorite programs. Also, the coveragecan also have an international viewing. Some of the vocal platformsmentioning the event are the BBC world news. Trough it, people fromdifferent parts of the world can receive information on who tocontact or when to turn up for the event. It will be cheap to passinformation over long distances and to have a wide coverage.

Secondly,the newspaper can also be feasible means of promoting the event. Themajority of the people who reside in the area are the middle class.They have access to local dailies and posting information in themwill help them follow the events and influence them to attend. On thenewspapers, convincing information regarding the games can havetremendous effects on the number of people with an interest in theevents. The bright side of the channel is that it has a widecoverage, and it is cheap since one can read the paper anytime theywant. It can also be a point of reference for those who want toinvite others. Some local newspapers like the Sunderland Echo arevery intense when it comes to advertising the events held in theRoker. However, for I to be effective, the information needs toappear for a considerable number of times sin the newspapers, andthis would mean digging deep into the advertising budget.

Globalizationhas come with increased use of social platforms like Facebook andTwitter. The events in Roker can reach a big number of people who usethese social sites. For example, there is a trending Twitter handledubbed #wearhear to support Sunderland. Through it, informationregarding the events and activities taking place in the area come tolight (Rajni, Modi &amp Singla, 2015 P 7).The followers create anetwork with their friends, and they pass information. Thefeasibility of this platform is that it is very cheap to place thepromotional information and that it has an international coverage. Itwill take care of the needs of the young people who spend a lot oftime communicating through the channel. The event has a Facebook pagewhen the order of events gets posted by the administrators.Interested parties like the page and through it, they get occasionalnotifications on the page. The most talked about, and commented issueis the coming international air show in Roker. Those who follow thenotifications comment on them and they share the information withothers through the page people can invite their friends in theirFacebook accounts. It is a cheap method of reaching a big number ofpeople at almost zero cost.

Rokeralso operates a website that contains information about the resortlike its history and the various services that visitors can get. Onthis website, the upcoming events become popularized. It is animportant platform to attract people since it contains images of thestrengths like the unique lighthouse and the marine park. It also hasimages of the past air show events. Those who visit the website getdetailed information on the important dates and time.It is a cheapmethod concerning the number of people who can access theinformation. People across the world can enter into the website andacquaint themselves with the air show event and other offers in theresort.

Inconclusion, Roker Pier stands as one of the most preferred places inSunderland for outdoor activities. It unique and ingenious-fullarchitecture attract a big number of visitors. The plan set by thecity council will assist in retaining the glory of the resort. Theevents taking place at the resort like the popular Sunderlandinternational air show requires a lot of promotion using differentmedia platforms. The number of people who will attend the event willset the benchmark for future attendance.


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