Measuring Productivity of Pharmacy

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MeasuringProductivity of Pharmacy

31stJuly 2015

Measuringpharmacy productivity in any health institution is very critical toan extent that they hold a key role in the institution. In general,productivity is measured by ratio of output against input. Pharmacyplay a very important and critical role, as they are responsible togive right medication safely and effectively within the legal mandateAccording to Ash Soni (2015), chairman the royal pharmaceuticalsociety and with qualified personnel. Their input may include and notlimited to planning, monitoring and executing all pharmaceuticalduties.

Severalfactors can and should be considered while determining to measure theproductivity of a pharmacy such as effectiveness, accountability andefficient of the process which also affects the motivation of thepersonnel. This factors can determine the manner in which decisionsand judgment are executed by the personnel in his/her day-to-dayduties.

Thoughthere has been few research on measuring productivity of pharmacy andpublications to show this we can therefore do so by setting upobjectives that are in line with the organization (Langabeer, p.129). Automation and use of technology may eliminate involvement ofmanagers directly but must have a controlled process. According toSean Gorman (2015) chairman research subgroup for the CanadianNational Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicator where keyperformance indicators (KPIs) can be deployed as a tool ofmeasurement

Whencoming up with objectives and targets, thereby impacting theproductivity, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, andresults-focused and time bound. It also important to keep track ofthese objectives with aim of positive productivity. There is needtherefore to measure productivity of pharmacy and the output can bearrived or measured through the number of readmission cases Accordingto Sean Gorman (2015) chairman research subgroup for the CanadianNational Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicator. Measuringproductivity can have a positive outcome where by in doing so thenumber of drug therapy problems and other bundled duties can reducesignificantly.


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