Memo to a Business Owner


Memoto a Business Owner



Followingthe current developments in the technology world advancement ofbusiness IT systems, it is imperative that all businesses in theworld use technology. In your line of business, over 80% of thebusinesses are using IT to control their management function andoperational tasks. Companies are using management information systemsto organize their administrative functions, employee relations andcommunication functions. The use of information systems has enhancedtheir management control of time and resources and enhanced theirrelationship with customers (Hakansson et al, 2009). Moreover,businesses in your line of business are using technology to promotetheir sales through the use of e-commerce and online-based marketingplatforms.

Toidentify the concerns that are relevant to your business, I visitedother companies in your line of business and took practicalobservatory tasks in their systems. Due to the limitations ofresearching on their operations, I engaged their systems andmarketing platform by buying services from through their e-commerce.This opened the way to understand the limitations your business isfacing by not using technology. In the near future, your company maybe unable to keep up with the competition because of the limited useof technology and information systems.

Toapply technology in your business, you will have to develop systemsthrough the system development life cycle (SDLC) approach and stages.The first stage is planning for the system after thorough evaluationof your business needs. After the second stage of analysis of thesystems plan, the system is designed in the third stage and ready forimplementation (Rainer &amp Cegielski, 2010). The fourth stage isthe implementation of the developed system for use in the businessand followed by maintenance that gives details for future developmentprocess. The system development life cycle helps in making decisionson the need for the system, the readiness of the company to use itand the implementation process.


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