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Memoto Business Owner


StunningNew Horizons Unlimited is a small business organizations dealing withselling of clothing. Although it has a website, it has not fullyexploited internet technologies to increase its sales andprofitability. The business has a central system that storesinventory and process various business functions such as customerorders. Although there are some marketing tools in the companywebsite, there are no interactive features as well as adequatesecurity systems to secure client information.

Thereare many options that Mary Smith can use to ensure that her businessderives the maximum benefits from internet technology. At reasonablylow cost, it is possible to include elements that will engage apotential customer and encourage their participation. This includesgames, live charts, maps and other HTML inputs and rich content. Thewebsite can also be linked to the online social site to enhancebusiness customer interactions. Although the incorporation ofinteractive option in the website requires advanced programmingknowledge, it is relatively inexpensive. However, the cost of theprocess will be determined by the type of interactive technologyused. Interactive aspects of the websites such as rich content, photogalleries, responsive design and social media are relatively cheap.There are also several ways through which the business can protectclient information and data to prevent fraud. It is important toavoid sharing sensitive client information through system that isrelatively unsafe. The website needs to be secured against hacking,especially if financial data or credit card services are available inthe website. Transport layer security may also be necessary toprovide further data security. Most importantly, training theemployees in security management as well as online interactions withclient will be very essential (Baltzan, 2014).


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