Methamphetamine is a widely used drug in Mexico and in otherneighboring countries such the United States. It is an addictive drugwho production and supply has remained in the hands of Mexicanorganized gangs (Holmes, 2014). The gangs create the market for thedrug and control its distribution. This has led to the formation ofcartels for the drug which is controlled by the gangs. Since the drugis addictive, there is a constant market for methamphetamine. Theorganized criminal groups in Mexico determine and control the pricefor the drug hence makes immense profits (Holmes, 2014). It is usefulto state that the drug is mainly made in the lab and the organizedcriminal groups in Mexico are the same ones who control itsproduction hence the supply. This has resulted to be an extremelyprofitable business for the organized criminal groups in Mexico.

Research has indicated that despite the various measures put by theAmerican government, the smugglers, who are mainly the organizedcriminal groups, manage to smuggle the drug into the United States.This is a market that has given the criminals immense profits and aconstant market throughout the year. The drug traffickers aremotivated by the immense profits that they make from the business(Holmes, 2014). The organized criminal groups have managed toinfluence some of the officials in the government who allow them tofreely smuggle the drugs. More often than not, the smugglers sharethe profits with the authorities who are corrupt and who acceptbribes. The organized criminal groups determine and control thesupply of the highly used drug. The drug addicts have no choice butto adapt to the conditions set by the organized criminal groups(Holmes, 2014).

It is also evident that the organized criminal groups control thesupply by ensuring that there is no other supplier or producer of thedrug. This has made them to be the main suppliers of the drug inMexico and in other countries. This enables them to control thesupply and demand forces and therefore determine the prices. This hasmade the business of producing and selling Methamphetamine one of themost profitable businesses in Mexico for the organized criminalgroups. Additionally, the authorities in Mexico have failed tocontrol the production, supply, as well as the consumption or use ofthe drug (Holmes, 2014). This gives the organized criminal groupsroom for making extremely huge profits. Another aspect of the drugthat has proved to be profitable to the organized criminal groups isthe high demand. Numerous young people are addicted to the drug andthey create the large market. The fact that the drug is addictive isyet another aspect that makes the large and constant market for thedrug. Organized criminal groups have become extremely rich from thesale of the drug (Holmes, 2014).

Mexican and the US law makers must control the production of thedrug if the fight against the illegal sale and consumption of thedrug is to be stopped. It is clear from research that the productionlabs for the drug have increased significantly (United States, 2015).The Mexican and the American lawmakers must close all the productioncenters for the drug in order to cut the supply. This will ensurethat the organized criminal groups have no access to supply.Additionally, it is essential to ban the production and or supply ofthe ingredients of the drug. It is clear that the organized criminalgroups transport the ingredients before producing the drug in therespective countries (United States, 2015).


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