Milestone Two




NeedsAssessment and Options

ABCEnterprises has a limited online presence. The company does not havea website and its online marketing is limited. In the modern businessenvironment, having a website is critical for both small and largebusinesses. The cost of starting a website is extremely low and thebenefits are enormous. Therefore, there is no reason why a businessorganization should not have a website. The website provides low costadvertisement, increase visibility of the business organization andhave a direct impact on sales (Nahai, 2014).

SinceABC Enterprises is a relatively small organization, a simple websitewill work for the organization. However, it should contain all thebasic features of a website, in order to effectively work as amarketing tool. This includes clearly visible information on thelocation and contact of the organization as well as mobileapplications. This will increase the likelihood of the potentialclients contacting the business. Other important features are livechat and social media icons which enhances communication betweenpotential clients and the business using online platforms. A simpledesign, with a professional logo and user friendly functionality willalso create a good perception about the business organization (Nahai,2014).

Inaddition to basic security systems, the organization will require adatabase management system. A system such as contact relationshipmanagement can effectively manage the customers address book,scheduling of events, messaging, documents activities and to dolists. Security in the cyber space is paramount. Therefore, basicsecurity system which can be customized would be essential for ABCEnterprises. The security system should include a well trained staff,firewall security, back up systems, secured networks and basicsecurity such as passwords and authentication (Nahai, 2014).


Nahai,N. (2014). WebsiteBranding for Small Businesses,Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.