Moral Reasoning



Theresaagrees with option 1: Heinz should steal the drug and not go toprison, because this is unfair.

Theresais right Heinz has tried desperately to raise money to buy the drugwithout success. He has offered the druggist to sell him the drug athalf the price or take a deposit and allow him to clear the balancelater but in vain. His wife’s life is at stake here. He cannot justwatch his wife die because it is against human rights. He needs to doall he can to save his wife and should therefore go ahead and stealif it is the only option he has left. He should not be jailed forstealing as his intent is for the greater good.

Theresais likely to be a youth who is a go getter and is ready to take riskin any venture that she sees beneficial to her. Heinz’s wife isvery important to him hence he needs to take risk for her recoveryno matter what (Dacey, Travers &amp Fiore, 2008). Theresa is likelyto be a successful person in her future endeavors as she does notjust sit back and watch things happen, she takes control of asituation to see that all goes well. I think she is right because,one would rather save a person’s life than let them die.

Joseagrees with option 2: Heinz should not steal the drug because hewould be breaking the law.

Josebelieves that Heinz should not steal because it is unlawful. This isalso a good opinion because stealing is against the law. Breaking thelaw may make Heinz face a jail term. He should try other means thatwill not see him break the law. He must respect other people’sproperty.

Thisopinion suggests that Jose is a middle age person who has become wisethrough experience. He knows that there is no excuse for breaking thelaw. In short he is of the idea that ‘the law is an ass’. As suchJose is a person who is not aggressive and cannot take risks. Thismeans that he is an average person living according to what the lawdictates (Sander-Staudt,2011).Nevertheless he is a law abiding citizen.

Darnellagrees with option 3: Heinz should steal the drug and accept anyprison sentence.

Darnellis of the opinion that Heinz steals the drug and save his dear wife’slife and accept the punishment that comes with stealing – going tojail. Choices have consequences, if he does not steal the drug, hiswife will die, yet if he steals he will be breaking the law and willbe punished accordingly (Dacey, Travers &amp Fiore, 2008). Thisopinion is right because Darnell considers all possibilities, Heinzsteals to save his wife and the law takes its course.

Darnellis likely to be also an elderly individual who believes that everyaction has consequences and there is no short cut in life. He hasprobably seen several situations before with similar dilemma andknows that everything has consequences. He is probably a successfulperson and stable and has achieved most of his life desires. He islaw abiding yet believes no one should suffer if there is an option.


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