Mother with two children

Motherwith two children

Motherwith two children

Thedocument below analyzes the painting referred to as “mother withtwo children.” is a painting by Schiele,Egon. It was painted in the year 1917. The painting can be found inThe Bridgeman Art Library in Vienna, Austria. It is oil on canvastype of a painting and measures 17.5&quot x 16.5&quot. The paintingoffers accurate beautiful colors. The painter selected the colorsaccurately (Elger&amp Beyer, 2002).&nbspItmight not be very attractive but the colors were well selected tocapture the moods and to convey the intended message. The mostsuccessful painting is the one that brings out a straightforwardmessage and this is one of them.

Thepainting was done accurately on a high-quality paper of 235 gsm. Thepainting incorporated millions of ink droplets sprayed on the surfaceof the paper. This created an excellent natural color transitions.The fact that the background of the painting is dark and the pictureis made of bright colors creates an excellent match. The mother isrevealed grieved and sorrowful. It is easy to depict that the sourceof sorrow is her children. Dark background of this painting helpsgreatly to express the real mood of the picture. The colors of theirclothes were accurately selected. The brown, white-greyish and yellowcolors form a perfect match both attractive and distinctive betweenthe mother and the children (Selsdonet al.,2011).

Similarly,the mother and the children can be easily distinguished with theother part of the painting. This is because they are bright while thebackground is dark. The fact that the children are revealed havingvarying points of focus has a lot to be depicted from them. The childon the left seems hanging on the mother as if praying while the otheris looking away from the mother. This can be expressed as ajuxtaposition of life and death (Elger&amp Beyer, 2002).



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