Motivational Methods



Theanticipated process of anticipated change that will be accomplishedby downsizing the organization might demoralize employees. Althoughthe change could be meant for the improvement of the organization’sgoing concern, human beings (including employees) are sensitive tochange and always fear how the change might affect their lives. Oneway of addressing this fear is the employees’ motivation. There aredifferent methods that managers can use to motivate employees, butthree of them can be more effective. The first method is to tailoremployee rewards in such a way that the contribution of each memberof staff or the work team is recognized and rewarded accordingly.This approach demands that the managers should go beyond the use ofobligatory methods of rewarding and give rewards (such as bonuses)that can be directly associated with the extra effort that employeesput in their work (Buchbinder &amp Shanks, 2012).

Thesecond strategy that the manager can use is to align organizationalgoals with the goals of the employees or the members of the workteam. This method is based on the notion that employees tend toidentify with the organization whose goals are consistent with theirpersonal goals (Lister, 2014). For example, the manager can state theorganizational goals in terms of developing a positive relationshipwith the community and maintaining profitability through responsibleways. All employees would like to be associated with an organizationsuch goals and work hard to help it achieve its goals.

Thethird method that is rarely used by health care organizations isemployees’ revitalization. The manager can use the revitalizationapproach effectively by encouraging the members of staff to exerciseregularly, eat well, and take vacations. Forcing employees to workfor long hours without taking care of their personal needs and thewell being reduces their motivation (Buck, 2015). Therefore, givingthem vacations and tips to revitalize themselves can help them feelthat they are appreciated and the organization minds about theirwell-being.


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