Multicultural Considerations



Familydynamics entails the patterns of interactions or relating amid familymembers. Dynamics of the family can be impacted by differentinfluences. One such influence that impact dynamics of the familyconstitutes the technology (Clement, 2004). Technology has beenindicated to have an impact on the family dynamics because it affectsthe manner in which family members relate or interact with eachother. With the fast progression of technological developments, ithas been difficult to observe how the technology devices areinfluencing the way a family interacts. This is due to the positiveas well as negative influences associated with the technologydevices. In a way, the technological devices have been indicated toinfluence family interactions in a positive way for instance,through the use of mobile phones, family members have been in aposition to keep their relationship tight through regularcommunication even when family members are far apart. However,technology has also been associated with negative influences onfamily relations. For instance, the social media platforms have madefamily members to ignore face to face interactions. Avoidance of faceto face interactions may hinder family members from sharing someinteractions that cannot be shared online.

Anothertype of influence that is likely to impact dynamics of the familyentails having a particularly strict or soft parent in a family. Themanner in which children in a family interact may be influenced bythe kind of parent that the children have. In a family where there isa soft parent, children may feel free to interact with each other andshare more of their emotions and feelings. However, in a family thathas a strict parent members of a family are likely to have limitedinteractions since they feel that they are not free to share aconcern (Clement, 2004). Thus, having a strict or a soft parentinfluences the manner in which a family interacts.

Cultureand ethnicity constitute another influence that has an impact on thefamily dynamics. Parents in a recently migrated family usually alignwith the culture of their country of origin. However, their childrenare likely to adapt to the dominant culture. In such a family, thereis likely to be diversity in manner through which the family memberinteracts. The offspring will tend to value the things that thedominant culture acknowledges, giving their parents a hard time todeal with the relationship within their family. For instance,children may not stick to their parents’ traditional ways ofdealing with issues a move that may affect their relationship withtheir parents.

Besides,other issues such as alcohol or drug abuse, family violence, anddifficulties in mental health may also influence the dynamics of thefamily. In a family where family members engage in alcohol or otherdrugs abuse, the dynamics of the family are likely to be influencedadversely. The engagement in drug or other substance abuse may impairthe mental capabilities of members leading to poor thinkingabilities this is detrimental to positive interactions in a family.The same case applies to family violence. In families where violenceis common, family relations are hindered this is because familymembers tend to live in fear due to violence (Clement, 2004). On theother hand, in a family where some members have mental healthdisabilities, family members are likely to have fewer interactions.


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