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Projectcharter is usually developed during the beginning stage of a projectthat offers a stable ground to establish full understanding of thescope and objectives of the project. It provides an opportunity forconfirmation of the expectations and assumptions with the projectsponsors, project managers, stakeholders, executive team, validationand resource team members (`Mission Statement and Charter`, 2009).During the project’s implementation process, several changes mayarise that need to be approved thereby varying the schedule, cost orthe scope of the project. As such the changes should be noted by asystematic process of management and the project charter updatedappropriately through revision.

Thepurpose of the Mamerte Foundation project charter is to documentcomprehensive information about a multimedia website that is intendedto sensitize education of children particularly in developingcountries through raising funds to enhance local education access.This information is crucial for the Mamerte Foundation’s seniorleadership and the project sponsors. The content of this projectcharter provides the basic plans, required needs of the project andits expectations as the project is rolled out.

Theproject overview offers the scope of the project as well as the goalsand any given assumptions. It gives the project appropriate approachin which a specific methodology is used to implement the project toensure it is in line with the deliverables, schedule, milestones andany project dependencies (`Mission Statement and Charter`, 2009) .The project charter stipulates the required budget and theresponsibilities of the project team. Thereafter the expectation ofthe project is analyzed with proper provision of the means ofaccessing the success of the project. In addition, the charterarticulates the best mode of communication the Foundation must adoptto run effectively its operations.

Scopeof the project

Theproposed project builds around the need of the Mamerte Foundation todevelop multimedia website that enhance the objectives of theFoundation within a period of four months. Particularly, theFoundation solely depends on a blog to promote its educationalcampaigns. Nevertheless, this blog is not appealing significantlylacking quality information that can convince the public willingnessto contribute funds to this charity. The foundation idea is essentialand plays a sensational role at this time when population explosionhas hit most of the developing countries.

However,to achieve this end, it needs to upgrade its supporting structurewhich is weak to promote its growth by targeting more people.Therefore, Multimedia website offering up to date appealing video,text content and graphical images will go a long way into gainingpopularity and the much needed support from the public (Papaioannouat al., 2014).

Inorder to understand different educational needs around the world,Mamerte Foundation target to open up different Foundation Centers indifferent continents in over 15 countries particularly known torecord lower education access for children due to resourceconstraints and political instability. The Foundation communicationdepartment will provide a catalogue of different project adventuresto be advanced onto its website, so it can be easily searched andaccessed in different countries. This information will be shared moreeffectively and efficiently to the general public in a more suitableand appealing manner thereby gaining an improved convincing power towoe the donors to fund the Foundation project objectives (Papaioannouat al., 2014).

Thevision of the project

Thevision of Mamerte Foundation is to be a world-class Foundationchampioning quality access of education to children living invulnerable parts of the world. The Foundation is committed tooffering excellent support to the children educational needsworldwide without partiality and strives to achieve equality to allin quality education access (Kerzner, 2013). This is achieved byopening up new branches of the Foundation in different countriesaround the world and developing an up to date website which willincrease its publicity abroad and thus increase its number of donors.Mamerte Foundation’stradition of promoting children educationover the years makes the Foundation possible to be easily acceptedglobally without the public questioning its intention.


Theobjective of the Foundation Project is to develop a multimediawebsite www.mamertefoundatio.comthat will utilize multimedia technologies to promote its goals ofgaining charitable contributions in enhancing education of the needychild (Papaioannou at al., 2014). The foundation intends to be aleading champion of equal education access worldwide by addressingconstraints such as poverty and political instability .The Foundationstrategic objectives entail the creation of multimedia website toenhance the Foundation’s goals in attracting charity support foreducation purposes (Gido &amp Clements, 2014). It targets tointegrate onto the foundation’s website video technology andgraphic images with text content functionalities to support thefunctions (Gido &amp Clements, 2014).

Inaddition the project entails the Foundation integrating socialenterprise platforms to the website that would facilitate variousonline sales with an aim of using profits to support education (Gido&amp Clements, 2014).

Thedonors’ strategic objectives of the Foundation include expansion ofits website popularity through opening up new branches, by increasingits online sales to the existing customers and retaining the existingcustomer base. To achieve customer’s total trust the Foundation atall times will provide an immediate feedback to the customerscomplains.

Onits financial strategic objectives the Foundation sole focus is toincrease its revenues while decreasing their expenses, thus raisesits annual net profit. This will enable the Foundation possess asufficient resource base to support more needy children and buildmore schools in developing countries.


Thetarget customers for this project are the general public with whichthrough their collective response the foundation will obtain resourcesupport to fulfill its objectives. The foundation will use emotionalappeal as the pillar of its overall objective. It does this throughadvertisements of genuine graphic images, text content and videos onits website that seeks to win public trust which in the past yearshas been tainted by fraudulent charity organizations whose intentionwas to fleece money from the public. This information will beassessed from the website globally and seeks financial support fromthe potential donors. The information basically entails narrating theplight of children experiencing educational challenges and alsohighlights the past successes of the foundation through depicting thestories of beneficiaries of the educational charity funds raised bythe foundation (Kerzner, 2013).

Theproject social enterprise structure on its website primarily focusvarious individuals and companies to use it platform to sell andadvertise products and services with an aim of raising little profitsthat will be splash back to reinforce the foundation educationalgoals(Kerzner, 2013). Additionally, this social platform would beutilized by the organization to launch and sell various commoditiesand products online with the target of sourcing income that will goto its charity kitty (Papaioannou at al., 2014).

TheMultimedia website will offer an alternative with which theFoundation will improve it former lackluster operations. The benefitsassociated with this Multimedia website include easy operation,reducing resource cost with a target of regulating allocations andthe expected profit optimization (Kerzner, 2013).However,the allocation of the resources is expected to be effective,appropriate and efficient in achieving the foundation goals andobjectives.

KeyStakeholders and their Responsibilities

Thekey stakeholders for the development of the Multi-media websites are:the project sponsors, steering team, project manager and Web analyst(`Mission Statement and Charter`, 2009).

Theproject sponsors make part of integral stakeholders in the executionof this project. They oversee the all project from the initial stagesto the completion of the project. Project sponsors are mandated todevelop the strategic direction through documenting the projectvision and mission, the essential framework for project execution(Kerzner, 2013). Before the commencement of the project, the sponsorswill have to approve the proposed schedule and budget. Thereafter,the project will be undertaken. The particular tasks of eachdepartment will be constantly reviewed by the project sponsor toascertain its progress against the expected deliverables.

Itis the duty of the sponsor to provide the required resource supportto the web designers, video technologies expert, text content writerand website analyst. In the process of implementing the project anyarising cases are resolved by the project sponsors (Canada, 1999).The project sponsors are responsible to give approval to any changesproposed that is within the scope of the project. In addition, theproject sponsors are mandated to constantly attend the steering teamreview meetings.

Thesteering team ensures the project is being conducted according to theset plans. They are directly linked to the project web designers,website analyst and the project manager, where they are mandated toapprove and review the changes recommended. They facilitate effectivecommunication between different departments as well as to fosterfunctional commitment within the organization. Steering team isresponsible to resolve any arising cross-functional issues within theFoundation for a smooth operation of the project (Canada, 1999).Theyare tasked in offering resources needed to undertake the project asstipulated in the charter. The steering team is responsible tocoordinate the management changes across the different teamsinvolved, they champion and initiate the projects and form members ofsteering team reviews.

Theproject manager is mandated to recruit the members directly involvedin the execution of the project. He/she act as a link between thesponsors and the project team by providing constant communicationnecessary for the progress of the project. He/she access the teamprogress by checking the progress against the expected deliverables.Project manager is entitled to manage any acquisition of resourcesfrom external sources that is required in the development of themultimedia website.

Beingan overall coordinator of the project, the project manager isresponsible to manage all aspects integral to the project in a mannercompliant to the Beron manufacturing company policies, requirements,budget procedures and project management methodology (Canada, 1999).The project manager plan and define appropriately the scope of theproject as well he/she is responsible to develop appropriate standardand quality work criteria and framework. In addition, project manageris mandated to resolve any escalating issues and obtaining therequired approvals.

Thewebsite analysts are the center personnel in charge of this project.It is through their effort that appropriate content on the website isdeveloped. They are mandated to come up with the best content in itsgraphic image, videos and the text content. To achieve this end, theyhave to undertake intense research to understand the best possibledesign and content appealing to the public.

Thisteam is required to undertake this project within the stipulated timeperiod of approximately four months. They are required to commit toall the trials involved by giving their expertise. As such they areto develop all the deliverables consistent with the gap in themarket. Of utmost they offer timely communication required to effectchanges in standards and policies and provides all the results to thesteering team (`Mission Statement and Charter`, 2009.

Projectscheduling and budgeting

Multimedia website Data Entry

Start Date

End Date

Cost( Million US Dollars)

Project Management




Basic structural functionalities




First website testing




Integration of images, videos, and text content




Setting up of social enterprise structure




Website launched into the World Wide Web




Monitor the website progress and functionalities






Themajor project milestones

Thisproject charter stipulates the necessary requirements leading to thedevelopment of Multimedia website. The time required to undertakethis project to completion is four months. From the time the MamerteFoundation identified the need of the project, the gap in the use ofthe use of its blogs it made a commitment to provide an alternativewebsite that delivers a combination of content within a period offour months (Papaioannou at al., 2014). As such the name of thewebsite expected to be developed is referred to asmultimediawebsite, the project expected cost is approximated to be $ 205million. The sponsor of this project gave the approval after theresearch and development team presented their findings indicating abreakthrough in making a multimedia website which is easy to use andreaches a large number of audience compared to the use of traditionalblogs (Papaioannou at al., 2014). As such all the stakeholders weretasked to cooperate in order to ensure that the website developmentwill be complete and ready for release at the end of four months.

Risksof the project

Thesuccess of this project hinges upon the competitive ability of thewebsite in the market. It should be understood that there are otherorganizations already undertaking the same project of seeking fundingto alleviate theeducationalrequirements of needy children. Mamerte Foundation’s project,therefore, expects to face stiff competition from its competitors. Aswell the expected cost of undertaking this project is considerablehigher compared to the expected benefits (Papaioannou at al., 2014).

Assuch majority of the donors will view that most of the foundationfunds will be utilized to meet its expenses as opposed to meeting itsprimary objectives. This escalated cost would result to a reductionof donors supporting the project by perceiving the intention of thefoundation as fraudulent that is, seeking public money to meet itsselfish needs. But to mitigate this challenge, the Foundation shouldmarket itself well in order to win the public trust.


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