My Dream Job

MyDream Job


Adream job can be defined as that job that a person has had ambitionsand works towards achieving the same in all that he or she does inlife. A dream job is directly related to one`s career of choice, andall these goes on to personal development. To be complete in life, aperson`s goals and objectives includes a dream job in a specificcareer path. However, many people in life do not end up landing inthe dream jobs and, hence, ends up being frustrated which can benegative since the productivity of such an employee is affected. Mydream job is being a system analyst. My uncle is my greatest reasonas to why I have become intimate with the job. When I was a young, heused to drive a classy Volkswagen and told me that the job gave himthe vehicle. Been a lover of cars, I fell in love with the job laterwishing that I will also get a vehicle once I got the job (Gini,2013).


Jobanalysis refers to the process through which the duties of a job andits requirements are identified while understanding their relativeimportance to the overall job details. It is an in-depth analysisthat is aimed at comprehensively understanding what the job dutiesand responsibilities entail. For a system analyst, it is also vitalthat I understand the job duties and responsibilities. Although thereis dynamism in places of the job, the job requirements for systemanalyst is similar since the professions are relevant in equalmeasures for all organizations. Job analysis is a description of thejob and not the person expected to perform the duties. The jobanalysis is synonymous with a job description.


Thisis a summarized document in which the duties and responsibilities ofa job are well documented. For my dream job, system analyst, and thejob description would contain among the following:

Toexamine the existing information systems and business models withinthe organization.

Carryout the system analysis and find the requirements of the system.

Conducta comprehensive feasibility study to ensure the new system isfeasible in terms of legal, financial, technical and socialperspectives.

Thesystem analyst is supposed to understand the software developmentcycle.

Translatethe user requirements into specific objects for the purpose ofdeveloping a feasible project.

Assessthe alternative options for solving a problem and identifying theirsuitability in terms of financial and technical sustenance.

Carryout a requirement analysis for the specific module of the project.

Workwith all stakeholders including programmers, web developers,managers, end-users and employees to ensure compatibility of the newsystem into the organization operations.

Draw,document and oversee the testing procedure for a complete system.

Overseethe implementation of a new information system within anorganization.

Trainand avail user manuals for the novel users of the new system.

Keepthe system up-to-date with the improving technology (Green, 2009).


Jobspecifications described the required skills and qualifications onemust possess to enable them perform their duties andresponsibilities. For a system analyst, I would be required to atleast have the following skills:

Bea graduate with a degree in technical field preferably computing orsoftware engineering.

Havehigh standards in programming and project development.

Possesshigh, strong and careful analysis skills.

Bea person who pays attention to detail.

Haveexceptional skill in both the written and verbal communication skill.

Bea team player.


Lastly,the person should be able to adapt, flexible and initiative(Vitalari, 2005).


Compensationrefers to the reward given back in exchange for the service that anemployee offers to the organization. It is a package of all thebenefits that an employee receives as compensation for the workperformed by the particular employee. There are many differentcompensation plans, and each can be advantageous or be disadvantageddepending on the needs and circumstances facing an employee.Accountants can be compensated using various plans. An annualcompensation plan is one of them and can be particularly used forpermanent employment. Hourly wage is another plan that is availableand can be appropriate if the terms of engagement are short or justfor a while. The other plan is the retirement saving plan and thefamous one is the 401k plan where an employer- sponsored opportunityfor the employees who volunteer to save at least 5% of their incomewhile the employee add 50% of that contribution.

Theother plans available include the comprehensive compensation planthat bestows including others health benefits to the employees. Thecomprehensive health benefits plan provides a package of benefit tothe employee. The employer may deduct some portion of the employee’ssalary and add some amount to the employees figure toward thebenefit. It includes the contribution to the retirement and pensionfund and also towards the health insurance or life insurance plans.This way, the employee is attracted toward the plan since it catersfor various needs. I would like my dream job to offer a comprehensivecompensation plan because it takes care of both the present andfuture financial needs of an employee. I would also like it becauseit is flexible and offers standard benefits and a competitive salarythat is likely to sustain all the basic need of an employee to lead adecent life (Richey &amp Brody, 2009).

AppraisalDesign and Techniques

Jobappraisal refers to a periodic process that evaluates the behavior ofa worker at the place of work to identify their performance,achievements comparing with the present set of standards available.The appraisal is carried out by the line managers or an outsourcedconsultant. These findings from the process are used to determinewhat action to take to an employee including extending furthertraining, promotion, retention, or even firing. The consideration forperformance appraisal is used as a basis for making a decision onwhat to do with the employees of the firm. If the manager, forinstance, identifies some of the key weakness that hindersperformance by the worker, the manager can recommend a specifictraining to improve the same. Excellent employees who perform beyondthe set standards and are consistent in their work performance andoutput can earn a promotion as recognition for their exemplaryefforts. The decision to retain an employee in an organization can bemade by the manager if the performance appraisal reveals that theemployee is working as per the set standards by the organizationquality control. However, some employees work below expectation, yettheir output is lower. These employees are below the set standards,and if they are consistent below expectations, the management canjustify terminating their employment using the report from theperformance appraisal process.

Gradingof employees is important because it motivates worker put in extraefforts to achieve a desirable reward from the management. It is alsoa way through which efforts and input of employees can be identified,recognized and rewarded. Salary increment and other bonus pay aresome of the designs that the way performance can be recognized inaddition to earning a promotion. The promotion gives an employee newresponsibility and some requisite freedom hence, a worker can applytheir due diligence in enhancing performance. As a financialaccountant, I would also wish to be appraised and probably earn apromotion, salary increment, and other rewards. I would preferoutsourcing of performance appraisal services because there is provethat the techniques ensure that the findings are fair and provide atrue and fair view of the employee performance.

Issuesin Human Resource Management

Humanresource management is faced with various issues because if thedynamic nature of the human system. Differences between and acrosspeople make it cumbersome to draw a standard method of managing humanresources within an organization. More so, the human resource is themost important capital investment any organization has in itspossession. However, the performance of the human resource isaffected by factor inside and outside the organization that greatlydetermine the level output by the workers. Determination andconsiderations of the factors affecting the human resources will helpin improving the level of performance of the employees. What are somethese issues affecting the performance of the human resources andwhat can be done to improve the performance?

Oneof the issues in human resource management is the legal issues. Iwould like my dream job to provide freedom and respect to the basiclaws of employment. The law has prescribed the minimum requiredlength of time the employer should award a leave. Some organizationfails to implement the measures. Participation in and voluntaryjoining an employment union is a right of an employee. I would liketo work in an organization that respects the employee participationin union activity. The other human resource issue is regarding ethicsand code of conduct. Accountant profession is delicate, and itspractice is guided by the law and the accountant’s ethical standardof conduct. Observe high ethical standards at the place of work, beprofessional and observe the terms of employment. The behavior ofworkers in an organization is also an issue that determines andfosters motivation to work. Behaviors that promote and encourage ahealthy organization culture motivate performance, increasecoordination and increase performance. Employees should ensure thatemployee`s jobs are secured, and no unlawful termination happens, andif any does, it should be according to the pre-determined rules andregulations. Job security encourages a sense of responsibility andinnovation by employees since they are made part of the organizationlong-term goals and objectives.


Withall the information regarding the financial accounting job, I think Iam on the right path to achieving my dream job. Financial accountingjob is important because it gives me a chance to interact with verymany people and at the same time contributing to nation building.Therefore, I think that I made a good decision because I am contentwith the job, and I think I can perform as required.


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