My Favorite TV Program

MyFavorite TV Program

MyFavorite TV Program


Hello!How are you doing? How is the UK? We here are happy and hoping thisfinds you well. I was happy to receive your letter, which you sentrecently. You wanted to inquire about how I was doing, but mostimportantly about my favorite TV program. Nowadays, the TV is floodedwith uncountable series because of numerous channels. However, notall programs shown on TV are of the same standards.

Nonetheless,my favorite TV program is called “Vadhu Balika”, which a programis found in channel 234 of Colors. As an eleven-year-old boy, I foundthe program fascinating since it raises an important issue involvingchild abuse (Hollis, 2001). In most parts of China, children arephysically abused and others are married early, which not onlyinterfere with their education, but also ruins their entire lives(Hollis, 2001). You may wonder what a young boy like me findsinteresting in that kind of a program, but you may want to questionthe rationale behind the problems teens like us experience in theirdaily lives. The program also helps me appreciate my parents moreraising me up in favorable environment like the one I am in rightnow. That is it for now!

Pleasepass my regards to your parents and friends.




Hollis,T. (2001). Hithere, boys and girls!: America`s local children`s TV programs.Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi.