My Introduction


Myname is()and hail from Saudi Arabia. I have an interest inswimming and soccer for the physical and mental relaxation that I getafter engaging in them. I first set foot in the United States in 2008and proceeded to Virginia where I stayed. I can confess that Virginiais an awesome state, and I have liked every moment I have spent inthis country. I have also visited some states like Florida, Texas,Alabama, and Louisiana among others. I studied English in Virginiaand acquired a degree in English.

Afterone and a half years, I made a resolution to move to Alabama when Ienrolled in the University of Alabama for my second degree inemergency medical services (EMS). While studying this course, I cameto appreciate the importance of pre-hospital medicine and sharingmedical information with others in the health care fields. I resoluteto further my knowledge in the field and I enrolled for my Masters inEMS and I am currently in my second semester at the University ofMaryland, Baltimore. My aim is to gain deep insight in EMS to enableme teach in one of the local universities and consequently fulfill myaspiration of sharing information with others who have similarinterests.

Ialso aspire to be a responsible and visionary leader after I finishmy Masters degree, and that is the rationale for coming to UMBC. Ibelieve that the education field comes with responsibilities ofgiving others direction during their training, and one can only dothat if he can autonomously develop desirable skills in the learners.I am positive that I will be in a position to share my knowledge inthe practice of basic CPR, IVs, IOs, and ACLs as they apply in thefield of emergency management.