My London Trip Concert Diary


MyLondon Trip Concert Diary

MyLondon Trip Concert Diary

Day2 (August 10th)

Event:main performance at the Buckingham Palace London


Description:started with the band members testing and setting their instrument.My piano was all set and sounded ready. The fans were getting settledfor the performance too. This is in line with Association for India`sDevelopment (2015) who indicates that, in any performance, there isthe need for prior organization thus avoiding disorganization. Thecrowd was eager and extremely excited. Day looked promising as itstarted in a powerful manner.

Location:The Palace Square Gardens

Eventstarted as scheduled with the band’s coordination being so smooth.As a result of this, the crowd was eccentric and gave a standingovation. It is also important noting that, the performance was sofull of energy and the crowd so responsive. After the performance weleft the crew packing the venue and dined at the town mayor’sresidence a few blocks from the concert venue. The pleasantries didnot last long since we had to get ready for our next event.


Visitthe great St Peter’s Riverside Park which has a rich historicalheritage of having produced three successful international bands. Wecouldn’t manage since we had to meet the famous beetle band, whowas hosting us in their local club residence.

Time:2:00pm-4 30pm

Event:performance at the Meridian Falls Pavilion

Description:Reported at the Meridian falls park pavilion for another concert withthe Beetle band. We had fun and I played the piano for their band outof courtesy and for fun. Our band’s performance stole the show asthe crowd went from crazy to ecstatic forcing the security to whiskus back stage in a hurry and onto our waiting helicopter.

Weretired for massage and refreshment at our hotel- the famous HiltonHotel holdings. Upon reflection, the day and the performance ingeneral could never be more successful. I relaxed with my piano forsome time before I retired to bed at exactly 11:45pm, to prepare forthe next day’s events. What a great day!!


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