My Writing Style

MyWriting Style

Mywriting style is formal. I have a penchant for formal writing due tomy background as a researcher and a social scientist. The only waypeople know about the ideas I research about is through thecontributions I make on academic journals. Most of the articles Iwrite entail facts that trigger further thought and research. Thus,presenting those ideas logically and precisely requires mastery informal writing. Perhaps, a brief explanation of the essential aspectsof formal writing would help the reader understand the style.

Unlikeinformal speech or writing where, one is allowed to use colloquialphrases, formal writing demands that the writer is concise, precise,and philosophical in presenting ideas. I enjoy using this style inwriting because I have to fulfill the readers’ need to understandthe content of the paper. Before writing any paper I collect factsand all the relevant information concerning a particular subject. Naturally, one would look forward to an opportunity to show that theyhave researched widely about a particular topic. There is no otherwriting style with an opportunity to do so than formal writing. Thereader, who is usually an interested party, expects the writer toqualify every assertion they make with facts without being wordy.

Formalwriting involves different stages that make it enjoyable. First, thewriter introduces the topic of discussion by bringing the mostimportant issues in the article into perspective. Secondly, theystate the position of the paper as a thesis statement. Thesubsequent facts in the body of the article only support the thesis. The conclusion takes two forms. The writer may summarize the articleor simply reinforce the thesis. The many writing sessions I have hadhave made me to identify with the formal writing style at all times.