Myrtle Smith Overton County

MyrtleSmith Overton County

MyrtleSmith Overton County

Dr.Myrtle Lee Smith lived between 1901 and 1954 (Ancestry, n.d). Heparents were Mr. and Mrs. B.O Smith of Livingston. Smith graduatedwith an MD degree from the University of Tennessee in the year 1926.She also studied in Philadelphia and served as a medical ministerwith the Disciples of Christ Church in Belgium Congo in 1930’s. Shewas an ordained minister in this church. She also practiced medicinein Livingston and was the head of the Tri-County Health Department.Dr. Smith died in a road accident near a bridge near Carthage whereher car hit the bridge.

Dr.Smith is an important figure in the history of Overton County mainlyfor her contribution in medicine. The county was a wilderness thathad lagged behind in major developments. Most doctors who practicedat the time were not known nor had no formal training from a medicalschool. At the times, different roots, herbs, mineral waters, barksand chemicals were used as remedies and most of them were learnt fromIndians. Treatment of diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid, andtuberculosis were not generally effective, hence these diseases wereknown as fierce killers. The contribution of Dr. Smith to the healthof Overton County was significant and her family name became a partof the County’s history.

DrMyrtle Smith dedicated her life to helping people through her skillsin medicine. She was never married and made significant contributionsto Overton county. Today there are different establishments and areasin her name. One of the most prominent areas is the Myrtle Beach inSouth Carolina which is a busy beach in South Carolina. The beach isalso a tourist attraction area as people from different states aswell as the locals use it for holidays and recreational purposes.

Inaddition, there are several practitioners in Myrtle Beach practicingmedicine inspired by the work of Dr. Myrtle Smith. This has helpedimprove the health care services offered at South Carolina and inparticular Overton County. Today, there are doctors associated withDr. Smith’s inspirational work in the county (Eldridge &ampEldridge, 1976). This has made the county enjoy medical tourism fromthese well renowned practitioners.

Ultimately,Dr. Myrtle Smith was a woman who gave herself to serving humanity.Her career as a doctor helped save many lives at a time when thecounty was under duress from lack of social and health facilities.The contributions that Dr. Myrtle Smith made are not only significantto Overton County, but also to the larger state and the country as awhole. Her name is in the history books for her diligence anddedication to the sick. Today she is remembered in different ways andwill continue being remembered in the county’s history. Despite thehardships that she faced during her times, Dr. Smith did not relentor despair but worked to see that she improved the lives of otherpeople in her community. Thus, there is a lot of lessons that healthcare practitioners in the region and globally can borrow from herwork. She will continue being celebrated for a long time to come forher character and selflessness. The county of Overton will remain inthe maps as a health care hub and also a place that has a lot ofsignificance to humanity.


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