Nelly and Edgar`s Beliefs about Catherine

Nellyand Edgar`s Beliefs about Catherine

Nellyand Edgar have different views about Catherine. Nelly perceivesCatherine to be dramatic and one who uses her emotional responses tofulfill her desires. On the other hand, Edgar sees Catherine as fullof intellect and emotions that help her prove her point. Catherineis a major character in the account. She possesses a wild andpassionate nature, and this is evident when she first spat onHeathcliff. It was after discovering that he was the reason that herfather lost all his property that would have ended up with her(Bronte 12). Her wild behavior is also evident in the agreement sheand Heathcliff made, to grow as rude savages.

Nellythinks that Catherine is a spoilt little girl who does everything toget her way. She exhibits a split personality by acting as an amusingwoman in the presence of the Lintons and adopts a wild behavior inthe presence of Heathcliff (Bronte 56). She confides to Nelly thatshe cannot marry Heathcliff since she fears how people would perceiveher. She opts in favor of wealth and position, and she prefers Edgarto Heathcliff.

Edgarlooks at Catherine as a girl full of desires and one who uses heremotions to achieve them. When she prefers to marry Edgar, she leavesbehind her kinder spirit, Heathcliff. Her major attraction p Edgar isthe possession of wealth and position. She leaves behind civilizationand affinity found in Heathcliff’s world (Bronte 156). Edgar’slove for Catherine may be the reason she positively perceives herbehavior as necessary. To Nelly, the declaration that Catherine makesto be the most popular woman in the neighborhood is out of sheercontempt for the low class.


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