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NoMore Secrets


NoMore Secrets

Sincemy first day in school, as a young boy, I have had differentexperiences. Some of which I have chosen to share with my closefriend and family members while others have remained a secret to me.Every person keeps secrets at one point or another for variousreasons. However, there are no secrets taken to the grave, there isalways a way that the secret is let out after some time, especiallythe embarrassing or hurting experiences. Secretes remains part ofhuman life, however at some point, keeping secrets becomes a costlything in life (Quotev,2015).

Mr.Johnson had a happy family. His wife worked as a nurse in the localhospital. They had two children all in college. Sometimes, his wifewould work the night shift. The house was, therefore, with the TVbeing the only company he had. One day a thought of buying a dogcrossed his mind. A pet seemed the perfect idea to the empty house.He managed to find a British bulldog named Brian for £1,300. Heenjoyed the company of the dog a lot and got used to it, taking awalk together daily.

Mrs.Johnson, however, did not like the dog at all. It terrorized herstaff, eating up her clothes and breaking things. One day the dogrelieved itself on the kitchen during the day. Mrs. Johnson was sofurious that she decided to get rid of it. She took it out for a walkand with an unprecedented swing of a baseball bat the dog laylifeless in the forest. Nobody saw her apart from two little doves.Years passed till they both forgot about the dog. One day while theywere enjoying the cool breeze, two doves settled in front of them. Inawe, Mrs. Johnson shouted, “These doves seem the same ones presentwhile I killed Brian.” Mr. Johnson couldn’t believe his wife wascapable of taking away his friend and he couldn’t talk to her wifefor two weeks. Mrs. Johnson felt worse that she could destroy herhusband’s trust for over years. He started doubting her ever move.Finally, she had enough and asked for forgiveness which was grantedon the condition “NoMore Secrets.”


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