Nursing Ethics Part one

Running ethics: NURSING ETHICS 1



Mynursing ethics questionnaire


Mypassion for the nursing career grew when I was barely ten years.First my parents were nurses in Mud creek clinic and I usuallyadmired their job whenever I visited mud creek clinic. I am in thenursing profession today because I want to provide daily healthcareservices to immediate patients as well as any other needy person inthe society


Mymotivation is both intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsically, I perceivenursing as one of my major goals in life. I feel passionate for allthat nursing entails. More importantly sick people keep me moving inthis career.


Myinspiration in the nursing career is garnered from my own values andknowledge that I possess. Moreover, great medics who have salvagedhopeless lives inspire me a lot.


Inmy nursing career I fully dedicate my efforts towards deliveringquality services to the immediate patients. Moreover, the researchthat I frequently conduct is essential to patients across the globe.My patients are usually my first priority. Being loyal to thepatients motivates and inspires me a lot. Once a patient who had losthope in life is cured inspires me to continue with my workpassionately.


Q1:one paramount thing that masses across the globe should comprehend isthat nurses are awfully vital individuals in almost all stages ofhuman life. Nurses are there during delivery, healing and curinginstances and even at death. In the nursing profession, nurses shouldalways be guided by values such as caring, patience and sacrificewhich should be patient centered. In the philosophy of nursing,knowledge is a vital personal value. The reason behind this is thatnurses should be able to understand their patients in the appropriatemanner and provide relevant measures and recommendations based on thesituation at hand. In this case, personal values, cultural andspiritual aspects play a vital role in my nursing career. Thesevalues guide me in enhancing quality delivery of services to mypatients.

Q2:in nursing practices, values are perceived as the beliefs embraced bynurses for the sole purpose of assisting patients heal. Values arecrucial to nurses in that through values nurses can make sound andinformed decisions. Morals imply the rules that dictate what’sright and wrong in the nursing field. Morals aid nurses ascertain theright course of action to be taken. Ethics are the governingstipulations that govern the daily responsibilities of nurses. Ethicsare usually patient centered a factor that helps nurses adhere to theright treatment principles. Nursing ethics posit that patient possessa right to life thus they should be provided with the required care.According to Ruth (2013), nursing principles may conflict with one’spersonal values thereby instigating an ethical dilemma.

Q3:it is worth noting there are occasions when a nurse may be confrontedwith ethics and morals that conflict with one’s personal values andperceptions. In such ethical dilemmas, I presume that they should behandled carefully so as not to interfere with the patients values oreven the patient’s recovery process. Though, ethics stipulate rulesand guidelines that should guide nurses, sometimes I have to makedecisions based on my personal knowledge and experience. Ruth (2013),posits that at times personal views and values may be appropriate atinstances where nursing ethics are lengthy and complex. Thispostulates that in an event where the patient is in a criticalcondition, nurses can make personal decisions if at all the decisionsare appropriate and patient centered.


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