Nursing Process and Nursing Research

NursingProcess and Nursing Research

Thenursing process is the progression of well organized stages that arepurposed to enable nurses to give the best care to patients. Thenursing process involves the phases of assessing the situation,diagnosing, planning the course of action, implementing the processand evaluating it. The process involves giving care through planningand implementation. On the other hand, the nursing research is thesystematic process of using scientific methods of inquiry tounderstand the nursing processes, the environment and the experiencesof human beings (Conner 2). The process involves collection of data,analysis and interpretation of the results in line with the knowledgebeing studied. Nursing research seeks to get knowledge thatfacilitates the practice of the nursing process.

Whilethe nursing process focuses on planning and caring for the clients onspecific clients, the research process seeks to achieve outcomes thatare applicable to the general medical practice. In addition, theoutcome of the nursing process is to care for patients and maintainthe community and families. On the other hand, the outcome of thenursing research is the creation of theoretical knowledge andabstracts (Conner 2). The nursing process seeks to use theevidence-based practice while the nursing research purposes toprovide the scientific evidence.

However,the two have similarities. The two involve a set of procedures thatare organized to achieve a set of objectives. At the same time, thetwo are interdependent of each other. The nursing process gives thedemand for the nursing research by providing the areas that need moreinformation or validation (Nancyand Grove 23).The nursing research provides the solution by exploring new knowledgeand validating the existing knowledge. Therefore, both the nursingprocess and nursing research depend on the results of the other.


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