Observational Study


EastgateCare Springs

Eastgatesprings is a transitional care center for individuals in need ofspecialized care on short or long term basis. The Eastgate CareSprings was chosen because it is one of the closest nursing homesthat have persons 70 plus years of age that has a clean environmentand is a dependable place. The place is also favored by mostresidents and offers various services to meet the diverse needs ofthe community. In fact, it has a 98 percent occupancy rate (EastgateSpring, n.d). The facility has a tranquil environment withprofessionally manicured features including walking paths, statues aswell as a gazebo. The professionals in the place offer personalizedcare plans for each of the care patients in the facility. Thefollowing except is a detail of the observation that I made in thefacility establishing various aspects.

Mostof the people visiting the facility are middle aged and old people.They are usually on wheel chairs or recliners sitting around justlooking around the room. Most are alone and do not often communicateor chat to one another. They are either looking out the windows orwatch as people walk in and out of the room. This shows that thegroup has special needs and requires special attention.

Theiractions also tell a lot about their status, they are mostly holdingtheir hands together covering themselves. The individuals are from awell to do social economic background as the facility is a for profitorganization. It charges considerably for the services offered andfamilies with patients in the facility have to pay for the upkeep andcare of their patient.

Thephysical environment within Eastgate Springs is relatively cold. Thisis evident from the residents’ behavior as most of them are seencovering themselves with warm covers. The attendants and care giverswho walked in seemed to know each of the residents by name. Theycould call and greet a person by their name which also shows thatthere is personalized care within the facility. The rooms were welldecorated with real trees and flowers, together with beautifulpictures which made the place beautiful (Eastgate Spring, n.d). Onecan comfortably look outside the windows enjoying the beautifulsceneries.

Thepeople in the facility were generally warm. Staff members walked bychecking on the patients and were really friendly to them. Theycalled each patient by their names. They were able to make apersonalized touch to each and every one of them.

Thepatients related very well to other people. When people talked tothem, they would respond with a lot of passion. They engaged inconversation for a while and responded mostly by nodding. Generally,the people appeared to be from a cultured society where respect andmanners are highly valued. When staff members talked to them, theyresponded positively calling them by their sir names. This shows thatthe relationship between the staff and the residents is friendly.

Theresidents in Eastgate care center are mostly old people in their late70’s even though there are a few middle aged people in thefacility. One can tell that the residents are old because of theirphysical appearance and even the way they were interacting with otherpeople. They seemed to be slow in response or understanding what onewas asking them. There were more women than men. At the moment ofobservation, there were eight women and six men.

Thereare different themes that were established during my observation inEastgate Care Spring. One evident thing was that the residents werehanging around the facility throughout the day each one tothemselves. There was minimal or no communication among the residentsand it appeared as if they were reflecting on their lives. Staffmembers routinely went round the facility attending to the membersthroughout the day. They would engage them in a conversation. One ofthe days that I visited, I saw one woman sleep all day long on herwheelchair. By the time I left she was still sleeping. The staffattended to her and took different measures on her including bloodpressure and temperature.

Myobservation was important in my understanding of the course material.First I was able to establish the importance of a serene environmentfor the patients as it promotes recovery. The warm personalrelationship or friendly relationship between the nurses/staff andthe residents is also important in service provision. However, I didnot see the staff assist the residents through various activities asmost of the time the residents remained sitted looking around whereasthere were many facilities they could utilize.

Theobservation that was made is applicable to my expectations as astudent nurse. I believe that this should inspire policy making innursing care. The nursing professional is a calling and one must beready to associate and understand each and every patient at apersonalized level so as to cater for their special needs.


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