Opportunity Analysis Report

OpportunityAnalysis Report


Internetand information technology is an inevitable aspect of every aspect oflife in today’s generation. Organizations spend a lot of money toidentify those innovations that can be incorporated into theiroperations to increase performance. I analyzed information aspresented by (pewinternet.org). The report is about the social mediaand technology use by the teens and also the use of mobile messagingin the United States. It was food that over 90% of teens aged betweenthe age of thirteen to seventeen years had access to the internet. Ofthose, 56% admitted accessing the internet frequently, 12% dailyduring 6% weekly. 2% reported visiting the internet less often.Internet accessibility is facilitated by mobile phone access. 75%have access to smartphones, 30% can access a basic phone while 12% donot have access to any phone. Social media use is dominated byFacebook for both the teens and the adults with 71% and 67%respectively. The research was carried out online. The method somehowdeviated from the basic telephone interview that is proved to affectthe results (Lenhart,2014).

Fromthe data, there is a marketing opportunity for any organizationregarding the mode of communication to promote the products.Traditionally, the print and view media have been the dominantchannel through which the promotional needs have been used. However,time is changing, and the internet is changing how people arecarrying on with their daily activities. Social media has seen aleading channel for social networking and communication in general.As a result, an organization can place their advertisement and otherpromotional needs through the social media platform. The data showsthat Facebook is the most used social media platform, and a viabledecision can be made from these facts. For instance, if it is thewish of the company to promote its product via a single social mediaplatform, then, the most used is the one to be used. The findingsalso find that the proportion of teen using social media is largethat that of adults. Therefore, promoting teen`s product ispreferably better for teen’s products than those of the adults. Thefrequency of visits to these social media site and use of messagingcan help the organization make plans and informed decision on when toplace promotion messages on the social media platform. Organizationscan use the data to carry out one of the best marketing decision ofpromoting products (Duggan,2013).

Thereare many organizations that can take advantage of this businessopportunity as envisaged by the above statistics. Organizationsselling teens products are the leading in these categories. Theresearch reported that 71% of teens use Facebook. Three-quarters ofthose who use Facebook are frequent users, and this is a promisingdata for those firm those sales products for teens. The teens can beinformed of the existence of certain products, be reminded of theexistence of a product, and the can also be informed aboutdevelopments in the product. Organizations dealing with fast movinggoods can also make good the opportunity. For all categories of teensand adults, more than half of Facebook users are frequent users.Promoting a fast moving good through social media would be morebeneficial since the platform is frequently used. Promoting goodsthrough the social media and the mobile messaging applicationsdepending on various promotional needs reach a broad base and costless to an organization.


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