Organizational Culture



Organizationalculture refers to the organizational unique way of doing things thatare different from other organizations. The following are theelements of organizational culture.

Values:Values refers to the goals, objectives, views and philosophies thatan organization share. Some of the specific elements include thecompany missions and vision statements.

Norms:norms can be defined as the specific specification on how things inan organization should be done. Rules and regulations, tasks andstandard of an organization are some of the variables that arestipulated in the organization norm. It is typically a representationof the acceptable behavior within the organization.

Beliefs:Beliefs are an element of an organization culture and mean the notionthat the organization has concerning some methods and their abilityto produce results.

People:an important aspect of the organization is its people since they arethe elements which in the first place decide the type of culture oadopt.

Narrative:an element of the organization structure that involve a story aboutthe organization. It may be about some of the greatest achievement orheroes who have been through the organization. Whatever thenarrative, the main concept behind them is to provide motivation andencouragement to the people within the organization (McShane &ampVon Glinow, 2013).

Subculturesare the core values that are as a result of groups of people withcommon problem or ideology that provide additional values unique tothe subculture, subculture are very important because they help inbuilding cohesion between people within the organization. It is alsoan important channel for providing motivation, coordination and inthe long run, job satisfaction. Subcultures also play an importantrole in building unity, loyalty and a sense of recognition within theorganization (Schein, 2010).


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