Organizational Development




Thereare some challenges that virtual groups face on their road tosuccess. One of the challenges that virtual teams faces is the issueof trust building among the team members. Confidence is alwaysreferred to as the glue of the global workplace (Bergiel et al.,2008, p. 99-10). Since members of virtual teams do not meet on aface-to-face basis, they do not know one another and trust-buildingamong them has become difficult. This kind of challenge can beaddressed by either organization a physical meeting between membersat a particular time interval or keeping most valuable informationaway from the team members.

Anotherproblem that has been facing the virtual teams comes in the attemptto maximize the team gains while minimizing on the teams losses(Bergiel et al., 2008, p. 99-10). Group gains are much easier to berealized in a face-to-face team than a virtual group. Taking a stepto minimize any losses in a virtual group is also problematic. Suchproblems may be solved by having the group members agree on a commongoal for the benefit of the team. Some important measures should beapplied that will ensure that every team member value the well-beingof the team and non-compliant members should be left out. Anotherdifficulty that members of a virtual team may face is the feeling ofisolation and detachment on the teamwork on the activities of thegroup (Bergiel et al., 2008, p. 99-10). To people feeling isolated orso detached on the teamwork of the virtual group ought to create timefor the virtual team’s activities and another time for other peoplearound them to avoid the feeling of isolation.

Anotherproblem that may arise in a virtual team is the inability to identifyand appreciate technical and interpersonal skills of specific people.There are some members of a virtual group who may have someinterpersonal skills that may not be fully utilized in the group, asthere is no room for expression of such skills. A solution to thismay include creating time to exercise such skills away from workinghours with the team.


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