Organizational Structure Action Plan Part II

OrganizationalStructure: Action Plan Part II

OrganizationalStructure: Action Plan Part II

Thetask involved the development of an action plan and the determinationof the target audience. The preferred target for the project was theboard of directors because members of this bard plays a critical rolein the decision making process of any organization (Ryan, 2014). Thepresentation will seek to inform the board of directors about theextension of the long-term health care services. The action planfocused on the integration of the administration and administrationand delivery of a care to a diverse clientele. This paper willanalyze the progress made so far with a focus on the things thatworked well, challenges encountered, how the challenges wereovercome, and things that would be done differently given anotheropportunity.

Thingsthat worked well

Onething that worked well is the determination of the target audiencefor the presentation. Settling on the board of the directors was awise decision because the board has the final decision. Secondly, itwas possible to complete all tasks (including the development of theaction plan) in time.


Therewere two major challenges encountered during this project. The firstchallenge was to search and filter the voluminous information toensure that only the relevant information is included in thepresentation. This challenge can be attributed to the fact that thereis a lot of information that was provided during the class whilemillions of files are available in the online and offline libraries.This made it a challenge to read through files and determine theinformation that could help in preparing the presentation. The secondchallenge encountered was the identification of the most reliablesources. This is a common challenge that is encountered by manyscholars, including those who work as individuals and those who workin teams (Litmoren, 2015).

Overcomingthe challenges

Thechallenge of filtering voluminous information was overcome byconfining the research to a few key words. This was an effective wayof getting relevant files out of millions of files found in onlinedatabases. The second challenge, identification of reliable sources,was overcome by checking the credibility of the authors of eachsource and the publisher. This ensured that the content of eachsource was reliable.

Thingsthat would be done differently

Itwas quite difficult to find detailed information about the topic andensuring that the information flows as expected. This could beattributed to the fact that there were several subtopics to becovered and each of them requiring detailed information to ensurethat the presentation is more convincing and effective. Given anotheropportunity, it would be better to divide the presentation intosubtopics right from the start, instead of using a broad topic oforganizational structure. This is because it is easier to finddetailed information about specific sub-topics as opposed to abroader topic.

Inconclusion, the process of preparing the organizational structurepresentation has been successful, in spite of the existence ofseveral challenges. Some of the challenges encountered includefiltering voluminous information and identification of reliablesources. However, these challenges were overcome, leading tosuccessful completion of the project. It would be advisable in thefuture to divide the research topic into sub-topics before commencingthe research exercise instead of focusing on a broad topic.


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