Organizational Structure Communication Methods

OrganizationalStructure: Communication Methods

OrganizationalStructure: Communication Methods

Effectivecommunication is critical in the health care sector because itfacilitates the engagement between patients and health careproviders. Effective communicators select the communication methoddepending on the context, the type of message, and the targetedaudience of the message (Manker, 2015). This paper will analyzedifferent communication methods that should be used by managers of arehabilitation center that intends to start offering short-termrehabilitation services. The paper will also address internal as wellas external relationships that the rehabilitation center shouldconsider.


Managersin the health care organization should select the communicationmethods that have the capacity to put across the intended message, inunambiguous, and a clear way (Manker, 2015). Managers within therehabilitation center can use different communication methods,including written communication, face-to-face, online, and oralcommunication. However, different methods of communication may becombined to ensure that the intended message is understood clearly.

Importanceof different communication methods

Thewritten communication method may be used when managers wish to pass amessage clearly and preserve records for future references. This iswritten records are usually permanent and these records can be storedin hard or soft copies for future use (Manker, 2015). For example,the content of the employment contract for the new employees shouldbe communicated in a written method. Managers can use face-to-facemethod of communication to pass both the formal and informal messageto other members of staff. Face-to-face method of communication isimportant because it will create an opportunity for managers tointeract and socialize with other members of staff. An effectiveface-to-face communication will be accompanied by oral and non-verbalcommunication methods. A combination of these methods will give themanagers an opportunity to emphasize on their commitment in a moreeffective way and respond to employees’ questions immediately(Manker, 2015). Online communication is very efficient and saves ontime. For example, the current level of technological advances canallow managers to communicate with employees through the socialmedia.

Internalrelationships to be considered

Therehabilitation center should consider two major types of internalrelationships. First, the relationship among the health careproviders is critical because it determined the effectiveness withwhich providers are able to deliver health care services (Buchbinder&amp Shanks, 2012). Secondly, the relationship between the topexecutive and the junior members of staff facilitates a smooth flowof orders and instructions. This in turn enhances the quality andeffectiveness of delivering health care.

Externalrelationships that should be considered

Themanagement of the rehabilitation center should consider therelationship between the health care professionals and their clients.According to Buchbinder &amp Shanks (2012) patient-physicianrelationship determines the quality of health care. In addition, themanagement of the rehabilitation center should consider therelationship between the center and the supplies of differentcommodities that are needed to facilitate service delivery. Moreover,the center has the responsibility to maintain its relationship withthe community that it serves. This is part of its corporate socialresponsibility, which will enhance its image in the society (Brandao,Rego &amp Duarte, 2013). Additionally, the rehabilitation centershould seek to enhance its relationship with the responsiblegovernment agencies, such as the department of health. This type ofexternal relationship can be enhanced by complying with the rules setby these agencies.


Heathcare organizations select the type of communication methods dependingon the depending on the level of formality and efficiency with whichthey intend to pass the message. Some of the key communicationmethods that the manager of a rehabilitation center can use includewritten communication, face-to-face, online, and oral communication.The management of the rehabilitation should consider internalrelationships among members of staff and between staff and theexecutive. External relationships that the center should considerinclude its relationship with clients, suppliers, the government, andthe local community.


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