Other Perspectives


Personally,I view Truman Capote and his book “In Cold Blood” as a tearfuldemonstration of faith. First, he committed a substantial portion ofhis life to the events that led to the murder of Herbert W. Clutterand his family to write the novel “In Cold Blood”. It took TrumanCapote five years of his life to documenting the events as theyoccurred (Capote, 31). Although the cultural differences at the timewere so intense, they did not impair his ability to tell the storychronically into a masterpiece. During the time mind you in 1959,Truman had no access to mechanical devices such as tape recorders ornotebooks. Truman expressed in an interview that instead, hememorized the events so thoroughly, and he was able to captureaccurately the various dialogues that led to the event (Capote, 33).

Betweenthe key character, Perry Smith and Richard Hickok, I feel that PerrySmith was the skewed character. He is characterized by significantcomplexity: first being his tortured sense of personal sexuality(Serendipity Reviews).The tragic event points at Perry as if suggesting the consequences ofthe existent oppression against gay men during the time. Hischaracter further expressed as pointing that multiple murder is oneof the outmoded terms of childish hostility (Literatimom).

Inmy view, the literary pieces leave a mixed feeling. It is stillunbelievable that the very polite and respectful individuals couldcommit such heinous acts. Besides is the depiction of Perry trying toform bonds with the victims he spoke with nightmare logic forexample, he says, “I thought he was a very nice gentleman… Ithought so right up to the moment I cut the throat.” (InCold Blood Summary).


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