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Legalizationof Marijuana

Therehas been a heated debate with regard to the legalization of marijuanawith different sides taking opposing sides of the argument. Each ofthe groups either for, or against the legalization of marijuana hasits own merits supporting the move. Marijuana has been known to haveboth merits and demerits to the user, however, the advantages oftaking or using marijuana is believed to be only under medical casesor its medical value.

Themedical gain behind marijuana has prompted for the proposers tosupport the legalization process. Being in such groups arguing overthe debate on whether or not to legalize marijuana, I would advocatefor the continuedcriminalization of the drug marijuana.This is due to the fact that, the negatives related to the use ofmarijuana outweigh the positives. In addition, legalization of thedrug on medical basis would lead to wide use of the drug, on thebasis that, it’s a medicine, and without a doctor’s prescription,and in turn abusing the drug. In addition, through its legalization,the drug would become available even to children and teenagers, whichwould increase the number of people abusing it, in turn increasingits negative impacts in the society.

Withreference to drugs, there are different classes of drugs. One of theclassification is through their legality with some regarded, as legalwhile other illegal. The legality of any drug is greatly determinedby its use, as well as its impact to the users. Drugs that have anegative impact on, the users are frequently labeled as illegal. Inaddition, the social, laws and cultural aspects of any given societyplay part is determining the legality of any drug. I.e., a drug maybe legal in one region or country but illegal in another. Differentcriteria are used to determine whether a drug is legitimate or not.For example, the use or benefits associated with a drug,acceptability among people and health sector, as well as the effectsof the drug on the use can be used to determine any drug legitimacy.

Finally,in order to solve drug issues in the U.S, I would implement differentmeasures. One is to pass strict laws on the distribution and use ofdrugs, reduce the number of drugs accessible by the peopleover-the-counter,as well as imposing hefty penalties to any person, cartel or healthfacility found guilty of distributing illegal drugs to the Americans.



E-Cigarettesalso known as electronic cigarettes are devices that are designed toappear just like a tobacco cigarette, but they are battery operated.The E-cigarettes contain an atomizer that heats up the a liquidcontaining nicotine, which in turn turns the liquid to vapor, whichis inhaled by the user, creating a smoke just like the case oftobacco cigarette smoke. Over the last couple of years, there hasbeen an increase in the use of the E-cigarette among the Americans aswell as globally.

Despitee-cigarettes containing nicotine just like tobacco cigarettes, theymay be safer than the regular cigarettes. The digest dangerconnected to the traditional cigarettes is the smoke, and thee-cigarettes don’t burn, in addition, the levels of dangerouschemicals in the e-cigarettes are believed to be a fraction of whatis contained in a regular cigarette. With relation to health issue,the e-cigarettes are believed to be safer than the traditional oneshowever, they do have the same impact as the regular cigarettes dueto nicotine in them (Arnold, A244).

Production,marketing and selling of e-cigarettes have not been regulated astheir risks have not yet been fully identified. In addition, therehave been divided opinion as to whether the products should be usedas therapeutic tools for people who are willing to quit tobaccosmoking. At the moment, the e-cigarettes have not been identified astobacco products, nor therapeutic devices, as they aren’t regulatedby FDA (Foodand Drug Administration),and in turn becoming hard to market them. Moreover, the substance,liquid in the e-cigarettes have no regulations, hence no acceptedmeasure of their safety or purity (Arnold, A245).

Theuse of e-cigarettes should be controlled by the PSU, especially incampuses, and academic building due to the reason, the liquidnicotine in the cigarettes can be refilled with any substances ordrugs. This would in turn lead to abuse of other hard drugs in thename of e-cigarette smoking. Strict measures should be implemented soas to control the use of e-cigarettes.


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