Peer Comments


WhileI took a different view of the InvisibleKnapsack,I found the response by my peer interestingly similar to mine. Mypeer takes the view that the InvisibleKnapsack is a symbolic view of unrecognized privileges. This seemssimilar to my definition of the Invisible Knapsack, as theprivileges, especially white privileges that are not realized bypeople who are deemed to have them in the society.However, we take a different view on the aspect of white privilegesaccording to Macintosh.

Wealso take different privileges that we experienced in themetaphorical privileges response. I got experienced white privilegethrough allocation of handling a social group that is considered tofavor whites. The others gave examples of white privileges based ontheir real experiences with the social group that expected them tohave the privileges. Others experienced certain privileges based onthe way they were expected to act as whites. The expectations werebased on the stereotype that whiles should take privileges over othersocial groups.