Personal Career




Itisuniversally acknowledgedthat satisfactory careeris vital to a person. I am an agent of Monarch Ymir Inc. The productsof the company are very marketable in China. The company is committedto creating simple, fashion, beautiful, trustworthycosmetic skin care productsand food. I can easily make $4,000 a month. There are few agents ofthis company. In UnitedStates, the MonarchYmir Inc. attracts large number of Chinese girls. As we all know,there are very many Chinese international students in the UnitedState, so the company’s products are always sold out, a productprice is $265 in United States and $125 in China, but the cost priceis only $50. I have at least 20 customers scattered in the UnitedStates every month. In the process of being an agent,through one-year efforts, I have upgraded to Level 2 agent from Level4 agent. As a leader of 8-person team, I audited all accounts in thepast one year, without any problem arising. Ilearned how to allocate time reasonably and to handle interpersonalrelationships. It pays to be an agent in my teenage life.



Differentfrom other Chinese students, I am a good student, always finishing myhomework timely and carefully without any supervision from parents.In my spare time, I did some exercises as well. From primary schoolto high school, I ranked top 5 in class in terms of performance (60students per class). It should benotedthat I ranked the first and second in mathematics as I thoughtlearning mathematics well laid a sound foundation for accountingcareer. Due to language problem, I experienced tough periods in mylife. However, I did not feel frustrated and I made effort every dayto build a better future. Hard work pays off. This year is the thirdyear of my study in MSU my GPA has increased to 3.1 from 2.0.Personally, since I wasadmittedto MichiganStateUniversity,the major I am most interested in is accounting, acc201and acc202,for which, I acquired the excellent performance of 4.0.

Iplan to apply for accountingas my future major and take CPA after graduating from the masterdegree, thereby opening my own accountingfirm.It isnotedthat I applied to be the sales agent of Monarchymir Inc.Theproducts of the company arevery marketable in China. The company Committed to creating simple,fashion, beautiful, trustworthy cosmetic skin care products and food.In the process of being an agent, through one-year efforts, I haveupgraded to Level 2 agent from Level 4 agent and lead a leader of8-person team, with the monthly salary increasing to 4000 USD. Iaudited all accounts in the past one year, without any problemarising, which wasrecognizedby the chairman of the board of the company.

Introduction of My Family

I wasborn in a mixed family. My father is the chairman of the board of aleading architecture firm in Xinjiang. He owns the largest marblemining there. My grandfather is the tycoon of footwear whohas a great effect on me. Since I was very little, my grandfathertaught me to never give up and disadvantage is a blessing. The term“failure” is a word that many businessmen avoid to mention whilethe term success is an ethereal wordas well. But heis really generous. Leaving his hometown and the hardship heencountered made him have a successful career his reputation spread.In such a background, he created “special integrity&quot. As anold saying goes, “failure is the mother of success”, mygrandfather is a proof of the truth. Decades of striving in newplaces and the long-term hardship never made him to give up. Over therecent years of experiencing the business difficulties and obstacles,he has become the “King of Shoes” that isknown to all Thai people andenjoys a good reputation in Thailand.

If it issaid that I have learned “nevergiving up” from my father and grandfather, I have learned“stable step” and humbleness from my uncle. My uncle was a leaderof the provincial government in Xinjiang. Growingup in a farmland, he has stored the memory of gobi, reeds, poplars,tamarisk and kept videos about students, farmers, teachers andworkers and recorded the shiny characteristics of documents ofXinjiang Autonomous Region. Mygrandfather, fatherand uncle are all my tutors in my life, and they surely support myapplication for accounting major so that I can start my accountingcompany in the future. Therefore, they bought me many accountingbooks and introduced their accounting-related friends to me so that Ican have a deeper understanding of the discipline both practicallyand theoretically.

StudentsMust Enter A Minimum of one Activity/Experience. ActivitiesInclude But Are Not Limited To Participation InClubs, Organization, Study Abroad, Community Service, Events AndOther Extra-Curricular Activities.

Organization/Event:The whitehillhealth center

Organization/Eventlocation:1843 N Hagadorn Rd, East Lansing, MI&nbsp48823

Role/Position:takingcare of the old and doing the cleaning

Formdate to date: January,2014 to May,2014


Whiletaking care of the old and doing cleaning activities at the Whitehillhelathcenter, I earnedseveral skills. First, I learned effective communication skillsbecause I had to be patient with the old people and communicate withthem in a suitable manner so that they could feel good. I alsodeveloped organisationand time keeping skills because my cleaning role required me to wakeup early, clean the area,and put everything in an organized manner. I also learned socialskills because I was highly involved in interactions with workmatesand the old people we served. Social interaction was an essentialpart of keeping the old people happy.

Organization/Event:Chinese Undergraduate Students Association

Organization/Eventlocation:East Lansing

Role/Position:thePublicityDepartmentcarrying out activities

Formdate to date: September,2014 to March,2015


Myrole in the organization was to publicize the organizationto Chinese freshmen and help them adjust to the new environment.Therefore, I earnedmarketing skills through social media marketing, publicity andreferral marketing. My social skills also improved because Iinteracted with several potentialal international students in myrole. I also learned communication skills because I was regularlyinvolved in conversations with potential Chinese students as Ipublicized the organization. I also developed cognitive skillsbecause I learned goodconcepts of marketing.

Organization/Event:Red Cross Society of China



Formdate to date: September,2013 to July,2015


Myparticipation with Red Cross was to donate blood one time a year.This shaped my virtue of generosity and philanthropy. It enabled meto learn the art of giving inorder to become agiver and support nongovernmental organizations for a good course infuture. I also developed courage to face challenges experienced inlife and earncoping skills because I got a chance to see people who were inserious health conditions and needed blood urgently. Donating bloodis also not simple, it requires courage.

StudentMust Enter a Minimum of One Employment Experience. Employment MayincludePaid or Unpaid Internships and Work Experience.

EmployerName:MonarchYmir Inc.


Jobtitle/Positionheld:Level2 Agent

Formdate to date: June 2014 to July 2015


Iam an agent of Monarch Ymir Inc. The products of the company are verymarketable in China. In the companyI have earnedeffective communication, interpersonal and time management skills.The company is committed to creating simple, fashion, beautiful,trustworthy cosmetic skin care products and food. I can easily make$4000 a month. There are few agents of this company in UnitedStates.The Monarch Ymir Inc. attracts largenumberof Chinese girls. Aswe all know, there are many Chineseinternational students in the United State.Product always sold out, a product price is $265 in UnitedStates,$125 in China, but the cost price only 50$. I have at least 20customers, scattered in the United States every month. In theprocessing of being an agent, I learned how toreasonably allocatetime and how to handle interpersonal relationships. It pays to be anagentin my teenage time.

EmployerName:ThailandRongtai International Trade Group Co., Ltd. (China Headquarters)

EmployerLocation:YounoleFootwearCompany Limited,F18, Guangzhou Fuji Building, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.China


Formdate to date: MAY 2015 to JULY 2015


As anAccount assistant, I learned accounting skills, computer skills,negotiation skills and interpersonal skills. In the art of managingfootwear marketing and sales, I wasresponsible for communicatingwith potential clients, following them up, and negotiating deals withthem. I also recorded sales and monitored sales operations in mysales team. It was agood experience to make manysales entries, which is relevant inaccounting career although the position had more to do withmarketing. The experience also gave me an opportunity to use computersoftware such as Excelwhich enabled me to sharpen my computer literacy and skills.

EmployerName:GeneralOfficeof the CPC ofXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region



Formdate to date: MAY 2014 to JULY 2014


As an account assistant inthe company, I performed several accounting roles includingbookkeeping, data entry, client sales management, and keepingrecords. These are common duties in finance (Fitch, 2007). The mostimportant skill I earnedfrom this experience was organization and timekeeping. Keepingrecords was a tedious and timeconsumingactivity whichneeded alot ofcommitment and patience. Therefore, I learned to be patient andorganize the recordswell so that I could save time and complete my tasks on time.Furthermore, I developed team building skills because the jobrequired alot of teambuilding and participation.

References List

Fitch, T.P. (2007). Careeropportunities in banking, finance, and insurance.New York: Checkmark Books.