Personal Worldview Inventory


PersonalWorldview Inventory

PersonalWorldview Inventory

Theconcepts of life, such as spirituality, pluralism, scientism,and postmodernism take different definitions. Spiritualityis the aspect of life that covers the spiritual actions and beliefsof a person in relation to the belief in a being of higher power thanhim in this case God. On the other hand, the concept of pluralism isthe system where people or states coexist or hold more than oneprinciple. Scientism is the belief that there is a universalapplicability of science and scientific methods as the mostauthoritative approach (Cobern, 2005). Postmodernism on the otherhand is the effort or principles that explain reality while reactingto the definite believe in science (Cobern, 2005). These threeconcepts are distinguished in the way people view and explain certainaspects of life.

Amongthem is prime reality. Prime reality is the infinite God revealed inthe religious scriptures. It is the existence of God, the materialuniverse or the gods. It is the reality of the matter that exists inthe eternity and all that is there in eternity. On the other hand,nature of external reality is the way we view the world around us asit was created. For instance, it is the way we view the world aseither chaotic or orderly, or either created or autonomous, or evenas a spirit or matter. This concept gives the basis of distinguishingour worldview as either objective or subjective (Gregersenet al, 1999).

Atthe same time, a human being is a complex being that is made in theimage of God. At the same time, a human being can be defined as thebeing that lives to rule the rest of the world creatures or the worldcreated by God. Depending on the way a person defines a human being,the view on what happens to a person at death also varies (Gregersenet al, 1999).In my opinion, when a person dies, the body ends its existence in theworld, and the being that had controlled the existence of the bodygoes to its creator God. This is in contrast with others who believethat the death of a person marks the end of the human being intotality.

Itis possible to know anything at all because we are made in the imageof God a God who is all-knowing. The fact that we are created in theimage of God, it means that we have the ability to know all that ispossible to know (Gregersenet al, 1999).However, critics of spirituality may argue that we are only able toknow anything at all through our consciousness and intelligence thatis generated due to the long process of survival and evolutionprocess.

Weknow the right and the wrong by invoking the image of God that is inus. We differentiate between the two because we are created by God,who put the good in us, and the knowledge of what is right and wrong.However, God gave us a choice to choose between the two (Gregersenet al, 1999).Thorough the recognition of the good and the bad, we are able to makethis choice.

Themeaning of human history is the reflection of what human beings havedone in relation to the purpose they were given by God. The humanhistory means the time spent by people in serving God, or servingpeople and interacting with the world to make it a better place. Inmy opinion, I think these responses depend on a person’s worldviewand the spirituality. The two aspects determine the practices and thebelief of a person in relation to the existence of God.


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