Personality Assessment



Ratingscale involves use of the judge or judges to rate the personality ofan individual using a pre-designed scale. It can be achieved throughobservation of the subjects or through conducting an interview withthe subjects and asking the relevant questions. However,applicability of any method depends on its dependency in producingeither accurate or close to accuracy. The method strength depends onthe kind of questions posed to the subject and also the skills,experience and expertise of the judges. It can be made a powerfulmethod by improving the two aspects (Aiken, 2009).

Thechecklist is a more developed tool for assessing personality and hasbeen developed over time. It is mostly used by designing extensivequestions about a person and is required to fill the same. The answerto the checklist is used to determine a person personality level.Questions are objective and specifically tackle the personalitysubject. The quality of the question is very important and determinesthe reliability of this method. It can be used to determine progress(Archer&amp Smith, 2011).

Ofthe two methods, the checklist is a powerful method because it coversa broad aspect of personality. The checklist covers many differentquestions and is a more standardized method of assessing personality.Rating scale can produce varied result due to the difference anddynamism of the judges. That`s why health clinical research preferschecklist method to rating scale due to it standard quality. Ratingmethod can be time-consuming since judges have to meet the subjectsduring the checklist method only require serving the subject with thechecklist document to fill, hence, can be admissible to a widedemographic area. The checklist is applicable in normal patients andwhere privacy is required while rating scale is applicable where thesubjects are few and detailed information is necessary (Kaplan&amp Saccuzzo, 2013).


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