Policy and procedures

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Policyand procedures

Organization:Healthy Hospital and Friendly Clinic

Subjectof policy and procedure: Retention and destruction of clientinformation

Policystatement: The administrations of the hospital / clinic will ensurethat the health records of each client are retained for a reasonableperiod and will only be destroyed when the management is convincedthat they are no longer relevant.

Purpose:To ensure that patient records are retained for a reasonable periodand obsolete ones are destroyed or deleted to create space forstorage of new ones.


Sincethe law does not dictate the exact records retention period, thehospital / clinic will retain client records for at least five years,unless particular records are found to be useful even after fiveyears.

Themanagement will not authorize the destruction of any patient recordthat is involved in an open audit, investigation, or litigation.

Themanagement of the hospital / clinic will review each record todetermine the level of its relevance before authorizing its deletionof destruction.

Allpatient records, which destruction has been authorized will bedestroyed in a way that makes it impracticable to recover theircontents.

Electronicrecords will be destroyed through the digital sanitation while hardcopies will be destroyed by shredding.

On-sitedestruction of patient records will occur under the supervision ofstaff from the information management unit.

Off-sitedestruction by a hired destruction company will be guided by abusiness associate agreement that will detail safeguard measures thatwill ensure that the records are not illegally accessed duringtransit and destruction.

Ahired records destruction firm that destroys patient records off-sitewill be required to supply the hospital / clinic with a certificateof destruction detailing the list of records destroyed method ofdestruction, and date of destruction.


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