Political Influences


AmericanFederation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO)

TheAmerican federation of Labor-congress of industrial organisation(AFL-CIO) is an organisation formed in the United States to improvethe lives of employees living and working in the United States. Theorganisation was created in 1955 by merging AFL and CIO. It is ademocratic and a voluntary organisation that represent an approximateof thirteen million people within fifty-six national andinternational labor unions. The AFL-CIO have several missions andvisions firstly, to express hopes and aspirations of employeesliving and working in America (AFL-CIO,n.d).Secondly, is to fulfil human rights for liberty and justice. Thirdly,is to suppress oppression, privation, and cruelty towards workers.Fourthly, to help employees form unions so that they can advocate forbetter working conditions. Finally, to dedicate themselves in orderto improve the lives of employees, create equality and dignity atplaces of work, and secure social equity.

AlthoughAFL-CIO is involved in politics, its primary function is to lobby onbehalf of labor unions, as well as mediate disputes among unions.AFL-CIO has lobbied several tactics to enhance its success. Forinstance, it uses campaigns when they want to air their grievances(Infoplease,n,d).Normally, it campaigns against the “rights-to-work” laws thatoutlaw union’s shops. In addition, it uses campaigns to repel theTaft-Hartley Labor Act. Secondly, AFL-CIO forms partnerships withother unions and groups that do not have legal rights. For example,taxi drivers, day labourers, and domestic workers have been excludedin the U.S labor laws. According to AFL-CIO, all workers should betreated equally regardless of their status. Thirdly, AFL-CIO formsglobal unions and federations to help them lobby their laws.International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is an example of aglobal union. These unions represent more than one hundred and fiftycountries outside the United States. Their primary purpose is topromote and protect employee’s right through internationalcooperation (Goldberg,2011).


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