POS Implementation Case Scenario


POSImplementation Case Scenario

Point-of-sale (POS) software systems refer to programs used bymerchants in retail sales of goods and services. Saffron the hotel inthis case, came up with a new POS system, which it aims atimplementing it the following month. The changes involved timeinvolving operations of the hotel. The decision was made by theGeneral Manager following the use of One Stop POS Software. Thesoftware can be customized as is seen in the Saffron report, whichalso is designed to offer complete mobile capabilities (Kasavana &ampCahill, 2003). The decision was made after it was realized thesoftware can easily facilitate all aspects of business activitieswithin the hotel.

One Stop POStechnology allows the General Manager to follow closely the overallactivities of the hotel. She is able to see how her staff take andenter orders, and not necessarily having to walk around the hotel,but right at the comfort of her office. The technology is importantin the business health of the hotel since it enables her to accessinformation that regards transactions and every day’s profits fromwherever she is (Kasavana &amp Cahill, 2003). This is because it hasa processor, which integrates every financial aspect of dailytransactions.

With the use ofthis new technology, the situation at the Saffron hotel over the next6 months is projected to double with regard to its profits. Thereason for this is because the technology is in a better position totract all the financial aspects of the hotel, the profits made andprice adjustments, while it keeps records of finance not entered inthe system (Kasavana &amp Cahill, 2003). The technology will alsoimprove the situation with regard to services rendered to thecustomers. This is because the software offers efficiency andconvenience with keeping time considering the team in the hoteladjusted the time to meet the customer demands.

Based on theinformation on the report, I would suggest that the hotel offerpromotions, especially for Fridays and Saturdays in order to increasethe profits made. There are a higher number of customers on theseparticular days, and any kinds of promotion will even double thenumber, and as a result, higher profits will be realized.


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