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Mr.Philip Adam


Eastland paper merchants



Dear,Mr. Adam

Iam writing in response to your advertisement that appeared in thecompany’s website, www.East land merchants .com inJuly20th2015. I’m writing this letter to express my interest in the post ofan administrator as a contract negotiator. I’m confident that I amqualified and suitable for this position based on my prior workingexperience, skills, knowledge and the aspirations that i have alwayshad in administration. I confidently believe that am best suited inthe administrative position as a contract negotiator in east landpaper merchants as opposed to the post of manager in charge of unionmanagement operation. Given the opportunity, my qualifications willimmensely encourage the growth and expansion of Eastland papermerchants. A brief overview of the my professionalism in my earlierposition as manager in Banner company as well as prior experiencefrom other companies will reveal the developments that I can make toEastland paper merchants.

Icompleted my B.sc engineering in Massachusetts institute oftechnology twenty years ago and immediately enrolled for acertificate in contractual bidding and construction industry legalmatters. Moreover, I have done project planning, management anddesigning using prima Vera technology. This gives me twenty yearsworking experience. As a manager in Greene Company, I successfullynegotiated for ten construction contracts that saw the constructionfifteen buildings.

Myacademic credentials clearly ascertain that my area specializationentails contracts. In this respect therefore, I strongly believe thatI can perform extemporary work in contract negotiation compared withmanaging union operations. Management encompasses work design,assigning responsibilities and duties to employees, maintaining acorporate environment as well bargaining wage and non-wage issues.This therefore implies that the managerial post is suited forindividuals who have done accounting, human resource management andpublic relations. Qualifications in these fields are necessary forachieving the union and management goals of the company. Moreover,the position of the manager in charge of union management operationcalls for proficiency in federal and labor laws. Over the yearsworker union have always been championing for their rights andpayment of high wages. This posits that as a manager in charge ofworker union one should have a clear understanding of labor laws asstipulated by the constitution. Qualification in these fields ensurethat workers’ rights are not violated and at the same the companywill ensure that union members are paid what they deserve as outlined in the constitution.

Onthe other hand, the administrative post as a contract negotiator involves a close analysis of the company’s contractual structureand implementing strategies that best suit the interest of thecompany. The post also demands a clear comprehending of biddingcontracts, planning for the projects and carrying out anenvironmental analysis to ascertain where the contracts especiallybuilding contracts are best suited. Having studied contractual bidingand successfully engaged in signing contracts in my previouscompanies, I am certain that when given a chance I can performexcellently in contract negotiations. In addition, I have alsograduated in industrial and contractual legal matters. This clearlyspells out that I’m fully conversant with the constitutional lawspertaining negotiating, signing and establishing links withcontractors. Notable is that when I was in Greene Company I wasawarded as the best contract bidder of the year. This furtherascertains my qualifications as a contract negotiator.

Inaddition, honesty and transparency is a key requirement in contractnegotiation and it is against the contract laws and ethics toembezzle funds or engage in corruption deals. I am certain that thesevirtues are deeply imparted in my traits. Moreover, the duration thatI have worked in your company clearly proves that I have never beenengaged in any illegal deal that is against the Eastland papermerchant’s code of ethics.

Earlierreports contend that contracts should always be on long-term basis.However, my working experience and knowledge in contracts has taughtme that companies no longer need to have long-term contracts. This isdue to the fact that the contemporary era has witnessed greatimprovement in technology and therefore contract administrators haveto just negotiate online with contractors on the basis of how thesecontractors have performed in their prior contracts. Moreover aproject can be done by multiple contractors so as to enhance speed.This ensures that projects are completed within the stipulated timeor even earlier. The above assertions clearly depict my up to dateinformation about contacts .Given a chance to occupy this positionwill thus be a beginning of a new revolution of contract bidding inEastland paper merchants.

Inaddition, I am result oriented and therefore I would ensure that thecompany gets the best contractors so as to improve the currentpredicament of poor contractors that is facing the company.

Iam certain that I can give you any other information you may need toascertain the positive contributions I could give the company ifgiven the chance.




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