Poverty as a Global Issue

Povertyas a Global Issue

Oneof the most persistent global problems in the world today is poverty.Poverty is a global problem because it is experienced in everycountry, with every nation having its own level of poverty. Theproblem is persistent because it is an economic problem that has adirect impact on the social status of the affected people anddetermines their political perspective. Because of this level ofconcern about the poverty problem, I selected the topic to discusspoverty as a global issue.Toexplore the topic, I engaged two main search strategies to get threesources of information. To get information about the topic and thethree sources, I used two main search strategies. First, I engaged ina library search in order to get relevant material on the topic ofpoverty. However, I was specifically searching materials that discusspoverty from the global perspective. This strategy helped me toselect the most relevant and comprehensive content. The secondstrategy was online search, where I queried websites to getinformation about poverty. This way, I was able to get more credible,authentic and valid content to the topic.Thethree sources that I found most credible, valid and relevant topoverty as a global problem are a book, an expert academic articlepublished by the United Nations and website article about poverty asa global issue. The book is a rich source of information aboutpoverty because it explores the problem from different perspectives.It also gives rich content about the cause, statistics and solutionsto poverty as a problem affecting the world. The article from theUnited Nations provides an objective look at poverty from a globalorganization that is mandated with fighting poverty. The websitearticle on global issues gives important content about the causes ofpoverty and the related statistics.Toexplore the credibility of the resources, I hereby discuss the threesources I gotPoverty,a Book by Ruth ListerThissource is a book about poverty by Ruth Lister. As a Social PolicyProfessor at the LoughboroughUniversity, Listeruses secondary research and observation to present expert knowledgeabout poverty in the world(Lister, ix).This book was published by Polity Publishers in 2004, and it isrelevant about the causes of poverty as well as issues brought aboutby poverty. The book explores the definition of poverty from a broadperspective and drives to a more specific description. Through theunderstanding of the social aspect of poverty, the book seeks to giveexpert insight as to why poverty is a global concern that should beaddressed.Indicatorsof Poverty and Hunger, by David GordonThisis an academic article written by Dr. David Gordon and published bythe United Nations organization (UNO) in 2005. Dr. Gordon, who is aprofessor of Social Justice at the University of Bristol, usessecondary research to give evidence on his expert insight about theindicators of poverty and the statistics behind the indicators(Gordon 1). The article provides the quantitative look at the problemof poverty from a global perspective, which gives it a reality viewof the topic.Causesof Poverty by Anup ShahTheweb article is written by Anup Shah and published by the GlobalIssues, an organization website that publishes social, economic,political and environmental issues that affect the globe. The articlewas published in 2014 and applies a statistical approach to the useof secondary research to gather the data. The statistics provide theevidence for the arguments and discussions presented about the causeof poverty in the world. WorksCited

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