Praise and Worship

Praiseand Worship

Praiseand worship involve conditioning of the human heart to adore God. Theprocess may involve singing hymns and praying with the aim ofexpressing awe for the Lord. The objective of this essay is to listdown powerful people who did exploits through praise and worship.

KingDavid – David was the Son of Jesse. He practiced the real Biblicalpraise and worshiped publicly with the intention of luring hissubjects into worshipping God. In return for adoring God, God gaveDavid massive victory over his enemy and wisdom that earned himloyalty over his subjects. For example, he praised the Lord after hesucceeded to return the Ark to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:14).

Ezra– He was a priest who praised and worshipped God with all hisheart. His devotion to serving the Lord made him God’s favoritemedium to warn the tribe of Judah that they should return to theLord. Also, God used the Priest to restore the descendants of thetribe of Judah from captivity in Babylon (Nehemiah 8:6).

Miriam– She was the Sister of Moses, and she was the first praise andworship leader of the Israelites after they left Egypt. One of thenotable events that she praised and worshipped God for a miracle waswhen they were crossing the Red Sea. After all the Israelites hadcrossed the Sea, the Egyptian chariots pursuing them drowned whilethe dry land swallowed others (Exodus 15:20).

Pauland Silas – Silas was a companion of Apostle Paul. Both werearrested at Philippi because of preaching to the public. At midnight,the praised and worshipped God until the jail doors openedmysteriously (Acts 16:25).

JorgeNavarro – He is the founder of the New Birth Church. In his earlyyears in Mexico, he was a substance addict with no sense of directiontowards God. However, Praise and worship helped to become a dedicatedservant of God. He quit drugs and migrated to Wilmington, Californiawhere he established the church. His passion and dedication in praiseand worship has made God grant him the knowledge and power to conductmiracles (Navarro, 2015).

JuanitaBynum – she was a prostitute, drug-addict and a sinner. Praise andworship has helped her to overcome the worldly pleasures as well asbecome a renowned televangelist worldwide. Presently, she is arenowned preacher and motivation speaker (Barrick, 2012).

KareemSmith – Rev. Kareem is the founder and the director of the newFaith Word Community Church. At the age of 19 years, he wasincarcerated 26 months for the drug-trafficking offence. Praise andworship helped him to shun his past life when still in prison andthen grow in faith. As a result, he has managed to establish hischurch he intends to use as a platform for spreading the gospel andconvert more Christians (Goodenow, 2013).

EvangelistMathew Oluwanifemi previously known as Shina Rambo – He is a formerterrorist, killer and robber renowned to the locals and law-enforcersin the West African region back in the 1990s. Praise and worshiphelped to reform him while in prison. He is presently a Christianevangelical pastor and reformed (Adesola, 2015).

JohnTurnipseed – He is a former pimp, drug dealer and armed robber. Hewas raised in a wrecked family and by a physically abusive father. At some point in his life, his mother had prohibited him and his fivesiblings from talking to school counselors as well as churchministers. In his biography, he claims that he prayed up to ten timesa day that his father could stop being physically abusive in vain.While in prison, he learned that his brother, Little Johnny, was shotdead by unknown assailants. He turned to praise and worship thathelped to redeem him out of his misery and desperation. Presently, heis a motivation speaker, actor and author who is not involved inillegal activities (Samuel, 2014).

KirkFranklin – He is a renowned American gospel musician. Since heventured into the music industry, he has won over twenty Grammyawards and produced over twenty top gospel hits, thanks to his choirthat integrates strong gospel lyrics with hip-hop fusion. Relativesbattling substance addiction surrounded Franklin’s early life. Heraunt adopted him after his mother abandoned him. The aunt enrolledhim into a music school to prevent him from engaging in criminalactivities, but he was later expelled from the institution afterimpregnating a girl during his teenage years as well as havingdeteriorated behaviors. Nevertheless, he was traumatized by the deathof his friend at the age of fifteen years that made him dedicate hislife to God entirely. He disassociated himself with his criminalactivities with the help of Tony Evans, a pastor who mentored hisspiritual growth. His dedication to praise and worship has helped himto rise from a petty thief to a successful gospel musician in theworld (Franklin, 2010).

StephenCurry – He is a celebrated NBA star, Golden State Warriors mostvalued player (MVP) and point man. He associates his substantialsuccess in the NBA games to praise and worship that has brought himclose to God. He also claims that praise and worship has helped himto use every game he plays as a platform for witnessing Christ, whogrants him victory (Ong, 2015).


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