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Prayer is an important part of Christianity and any Christian’slife. Both the old and New Testaments in the Bible provide numerousexamples of men of God who excelled in prayer. They include Jacob,Elijah and Daniel. Outside the Bible and in modern times, there areother numerous cases of men of god who have done many exploitsthrough prayer.

Elijah:Elijah’s prayers were answered on many occasions includingresurrecting a young boy from the dead among other miracles. In thisincident, Elijah had been instructed by God go to Zarephath in theregion of Sidon where he was hosted by a widow. During his stay, thewidow’s sickly son died but Elijah brought him back to life throughprayer (I Kings 17: 17-21). Elijah prayed continuously and oftenprayed to God while alone.

Daniel: Hewas thrown into a den of lion by Darius the Mede for failing toworship false gods. Instead, he would offer prayers to God threetimes a day. His fervent prayers to Jehovah God while in the den oflions saved him from the lions which did not eat him (Daniel 6: 16).

Jacob: Jacobis famous for wrestling with God overnight. The act crippled himafter he was injured. As a cripple he was able to confess to Godthrough prayer and seek forgiveness. Through prayer his health wasrestored and he was able to walk again (Gen. 32:25).&nbsp

Sue’s family:Sue and her husband had been married for several years withoutconceiving. Doctors had declared that it was impossible for them toconceive. However, they did not cease praying. Sue’s husband writesthat “It has been my habit to pray many times a day throughout myentire adult life.” even as they continued to pray, they adoptedthree children after doctors told them they could not conceive. Suchis the incessant prayers that God asks of his people. Their prayerswere answered sixteen years later where they conceived with theirfirst born and two more after wars to have a big family of six. Aprayer for their own children was answered (God Revealed, 2015).

Hudson Taylor:Hudson had been sailing to China with his crew on a missionary work.However, while at sea, their boat was nearly wrecked along the shoresof New Guinea where there are cannibals. Here they faced certaindeath as the cannibals were already waiting for the boat on theshores. The boat had remained immobile for weeks as there was nobreeze to drive them. Hudson together with his crew decided to prayfor a breeze that would set their boat on the right course.Immediately after private prayer sessions, there was a breeze thatenabled their boat to sail away from the shore and certain death(Path2prayer-Hudson, 2015).

Brian Hill:Hill explains his miracles through the prayers of a man of God afterhe had broken his pelvis after falling off a horse. The man explainsthat a renowned preacher, Bruce Carlson, prayed for him just a fewdays before he was to undergo surgery to be fitted with metal plates.After a short prayer session, Hill was healed and days later all thepain disappeared (Sweatbread Ministries, 2015).

Julia’s Father:One woman tells how the father of her close friend Julia was strickenby a mysterious illness on the verge of death. When her friend Juliacalled her to pray for her father over the phone, she was reluctantbecause she did not know Julia’s father personally. However, Godintervened and she prayed. She says they fasted prayed over the phone“with Julia incessantly-almost without stopping.” Finally, afterdays of prayer, Julia’s father was healed from the mysteriousillness (Power of praying through, 2015).

Steve Ridenour:Steve was a promising young man who had gotten sucked cocaine use anddealing. When he was busted during a drug transaction and he wasthrown in jail. As he awaited his trial, he gave up his life to Jesusand started to read the bible and pray. He prayed to have his bondreduced from $110,000. He says that “I prayed that prayer with allthe heart that a man could pray.” The prayers were answered as hewas released on a free bond with a promise to return to court. On thetrial day, he was sentenced to 7and half years to state prison.However, once again through prayer, he was released on Shockprobation and sentenced to five years probated sentenced just afterfour months. He attributed these extraordinary developments to prayer(Ridenour 2015).

Mother’s prayer:several decades ago, dying mother’ wish for her college-bound sonwas to remember the Sabbath day. She had promised her son that onevery Sabbath morning at 11.00 am, she would spend the hour prayingfor her son. Now, the young man was not a believer and so were hisfriend in college. But one day, they heard the 11 o’clock churchbell as they about n their business. When he recalled his motherswords, his attempt to go to church were mocked by his eight friends.However, when he narrated his mother’s dying wish to them, theyfollowed him to church. From that day onwards, the eight young menbecame believers out of the power of one woman who was already dead(Influence of a mother’s prayer 2015).

LeAnne Gunderson:Gundersson’s youngest son was born with a rare condition called theChronic Pseudo Obstruction Syndrome or “paralyzed stomach”. Bythe age of 16, he had undergone 13 corrective surgeries but nothinghad changed he was using feeding tubes. This was to end the moment hewas prayed by a man of God Bruce VanNatta during a church service.Her son was healed immediately and his feeding tubes were laterremoved. Ever since, the boy was able to live a normal life throughthe power of prayer.


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