Process map for preparing beverage


According to Cobb, C. G. (2005), process mapping is a setting ofinterrelated business processes and activities that are involved inconverting inputs into usable output. In this case, the process mapis for beverage, and it requires decision making at various points inorder to prepare the most preferred beverage. The processes andactivities that will be included in the preparation of beverage willdetermine how it will taste to the consumer. Hence, the satisfactionof the consumer is based on these processes and activities. Thepreparation starts with gathering ingredients that will be needed forthe complete process, and the amount of ingredients will depend onwhether the beverage is prepared for one or more individuals.Decision making is important, and it should be effective and considerthe preference of the consumer.

In the next step decision on whether to use already boiled water orboil the water depends on the availability of the boil water. Pourboiled water into the cup and add sugar depending on the preferenceor health condition of the end user. Which between tea and coffeeshould be used for the beverage? The decision will depend on theperson the beverage is prepared for. The beverage may be consumed asit is, or milk may be added this is another decision point that isaffected by the preference of the consumer. Stir the contents of thecup well and in case tea bag was used, take it out. The taste of thisbeverage differs with which between tea or coffee is used. Milk alsoaffects the end product and consumer satisfaction (Cobb, C. G. 2005).The flow chart below shows the processes and decision point involvedfrom the beginning to the end point when the beverage is ready fordrinking.


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