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Thispaper discusses my personal development plan as a nurse. It is animportant plan that will aid in my career development. Just like anyother profession, nursing has a number of challenges that requiresintegrated plans to address. I have been a practicing nurse forfifteen years being privileged to be mentored by my aunt who is anurse manager. The paper uses assessment tools to formulate my careerobjectives and goals which are measurable with set dates toaccomplish each one of them. A number of specific strategies employedto achieve each of the goals are discussed which in essence areconsistent with the statement of values (,2015).

Statementof philosophy

Thephilosophy of nursing envisage our view on what we belief and affirmas true concerning the nature of the nursing profession which gives aframework for nursing activities (Chitty KK, 2001). It incorporatesthe ethical values that is held as foundational and reflects ourtheoretical beliefs. In essence, appropriate philosophy of nursingcaptures three principles that is the nature and inherent dignity ofthe human person, infinite transcendent reality in life processes andhealth as human flourishing (Chitty KK, 2001). Nursing as a humanpractice largely depends on what we think is true concerning thehuman person.

Mypersonal nursing philosophy is largely inclined to teamwork andrespect to patient’s varied views. I value working as a teamcollaborating on a daily basis in order to boost the healthcaresystems and the overall well-being of the community and that ofourselves. It is in my central belief to respect and accept thepatient’s unique view about themselves and their world(AmericanNurses Association, 2006). I believe in sharing professional nursingexperience especially in governance, I envisage the evidence andresearch-based practice in the creation of the standards of care(American Nurses Association, 2006). In addition, I support the ideathat nurses should be accountable and incorporate lifelong learningin their practice and be involved in interdisciplinary activities.


Aftercompleting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program, Iwas immediately employed in a healthcare facility in Texas. Sincethen I have been working at the facility for the last fifteen yearswhich has helped me gained an invaluable experience in nursingprofession. This achievement is largely attributed to my persistence,hard work and good interpersonal skills.

Ofutmost importance, however, was my readiness to learn new things andvolunteering in several organized community clinic tasks whichenabled me sail through challenges. These qualities are essential forany nurse committed to excel in nursing field (,2015). Thisis so because nursing requires extra working hours in order to offerquality care for patients. Working conditions for nurses at mostcases is poor coupled with poor payment makes many nurses shy awayand become non-committal to service.

Thegreatest influence and motivation in my nursing profession was myaunt who is a nurse manager. She has offered essential mentorshipprograms and career development plans which have given the basis formy own professional development. Without mentors one would easilygive up in nursing profession.

Fromthe counsel of her and other mentors, my career as a nurse needs tobe developed to achieve more financial stability and be eligible tomanagerial position. To achieve this goal I need to enroll formaster’s program in the next two years. Thereafter, in the next 3-5years I require to secure my Nurse Practitioner licensure which is anessential permit to warrant opening an immunization clinic focused onunderprivileged clients.

Thiswill be made possible through sharing professional experience from mymentors, my aunt, several entrepreneurial friends, nurse managers atthe facility where I work and other professional and personalmentors. Necessary to execute this mandate is a very strongcommunication with the nurse managers I work under at the facility. They are committed to make the best of my profession and all thenurses in general. Their constant motivation has become an enablingdrive to adapt to the demands of nursing, which offers betterapproach to learning care of the patients. Failure to understand thephilosophy of nursing, one would readily give up the possibility of alifelong nursing practice (American Nurses Association, 2006). On theother hand, being rooted on clear picture of nursing principlesprevents nurses from getting into burn out state. But through thehelp of nurse managers and other mentors brings a great deal ofsatisfaction because mentors are willing to work and offer theirsupport every step of the way.

Essentialto achieving this goal is their willingness to fund my careeradvancement program, which is an expensive adventure on my own. Thisprogram will enhance my professional development plans, which is acrucial achievement to obtain leadership experience in theimmunization clinic. On the other hand, I will be able to balance myprofessional and personal life. In leadership position, my time toattend patients will be minimal and solely focused on managingnursing activities and operations (Sullivan, 2005). This will createa flexible schedule that gives me time to attend to personal duties.

Whileat graduate school, it will be my priority to develop, learn andperfect my public speaking skills and interpersonal skills. Over theyears, this has been my weak area which has contributed to myineffectiveness when working in large groups. Within the two yearperiod for master program, I will be able to work with other nursesand conduct several presentations before professors which will helpshape and improve my effective communication. Also as a nurse managerat immunization clinic, I will get the opportunity to further improvemy speaking and relational skills. That is, through chairing nursemeetings and monitoring nurses’ performance.In effect, thisleadership capacity will help me become a team player and hence workwell in a team.

Whenthe immunization clinic will be fully functional, the nextdevelopment plan to be rolled out within the next 10 years will bethe expansion of the clinic services to incorporate occupationalservices. The facility will be specialized to deal with occupationalhealth. This specialization focuses on the all spectrum of safety andhealth issues emerging from work places, with a key objective ofidentification and prevention of any occurring hazards (AmericanNurses Association, 2006). The health status of employees can beassessed using a number of determinants, which include risk factorsat the places of work such as accidents, respiratory diseases,musculoskeletal diseases, cancers, circulatory diseases, communicablediseases, hearing loss, stress related disorders among others. Thiswill make the facility obtain specialized treatment and participatein the prevention of these illnesses and injuries which arework-related (American Nurses Association, 2006).

Butin the formal or informal economy, the working conditions and thekind of employment adopts other essential determinants such assalary, working hours, protection provision and health promotion andworkplace policies concerning maternity leave. The healthcare willdevelop comprehensive programs that provide a range of services bothto employees and employers which will enhance and keep a healthy andproductive workplace (National Association of School Nurses, 1998).At the beginning, the facility will cater few occupational serviceswithin Dallas, but with resources from the donors and revenuesgenerated at the facility will facilitate an expansion of the clinicto cover all of Dallas, Texas Area in the next 25-30 years. At thislevel, this facility will be able to generate adequate revenues thatwill cater for my financial needs.


Fromthe description of this career development plan, it is apparent thatthe order must be followed. The contribution of mentors plays asignificant role to initiate the career plans. To obtain thenecessary experience a close relationship with the nurse managersboth within the facility I am currently working and other experiencedmanagers is required. Also professional sharing of experience withother nurses is essential to enhance quality care of patients. Toundertake further studies requires that I lobby well my mentors andother sponsors to fund the program which in effect will see animprovement and development of my career. This advancement of degreewill form a necessary framework to establish immunization clinic withappropriate skills and training to manage it.


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